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Writer's Block: Smoke screen


I think dad is expecting me to get Final Fantasy XIII for Christmas, which I find weird because he doesn't game, and his Japanese isn't good enough to appreciate this kind of storyline. Well, I was able to get a $8 off $50 coupon, so I preordered the Asian edition ^^;
He really wants to get a new TV too so he doesn't have to mess with the analog convertor, and I'd also appreciate that too so then we could run the PS3 off something other than the home theatre and still get HD quality. But yeahhhhhh, hesitating to put all the money into one. He's still getting things from newegg and the like though, so I wonder what he's really doing sometimes haha.

Wow it's been more than 4 years since I've really played RO, then all of a sudden I got the most terrible urge to see how far it's gotten since I haven't even played 3rd Job. But I didn't feel like joining a random server, so I set up my own! Using eAthena + 3CeAM for 3rd Job stuff. I can let other people join in as long as they download hamachi to work with RO~ dajournalpup_pw just happened to come onto IRC so I invited him to have fun with me XDDD

I need to look into custom NPCs and the like, but I really won't have much time for it for a while yet XD; We'll see~
It's so outrageously fun to disguise as Gryphon and Valkyrie, etc though. Or a tiny Poring pwning Baphomet. yessss.

Anyway, if anyone on the f-list is interested, we can find some time to play together.~ I can set more people as GMs and we can have some silly fun, although not too much because my map server crashes rather easily. o.O; It can't even handle spawning Osiris for some reason, but I wonder if that's some kind of eathena problem, because spawning other MVPs seems to be okay.

First time answering one of these, although I've been tempted many times before:
What are your feelings towards smoking? What rights do you think smokers and non-smokers should have?

Just did my final for a class on tobacco use and health care... Was reading some of the replies to this one such as this this user, simple yet very agreeable answer. XD;
I can't stand smoking whatsoever. I hate the smell, I start choking up like heck, I get headaches, and my mind turns red in violent thoughts and many not-good things even at the slightest presence of it. Super sensitive to it.
Politically speaking, it'll be impossible to ban smoking altogether, but like that poster said, I believe smokers deserve no rights towards their choice to smoke (and cause all sorts of pain for everyone else). Use all the tobacco control possible and tax 'em to helllllllllllllll. The current taxes on tobacco in the U.S. aren't enough to cover the burden of health care costs that tobacco causes, and I think that drastically needs to be fixed too.
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