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[talk] Thanksgiving~ Dec plans + Commenting meme

No worries about the Gintama icon, Sadaharu's just mincing Elizabethturkeys for you.

[other stuff]
Happy Thanksgiving... Tainted history set aside, the spirit of giving thanks has good intentions still.

First semester at WMU Masters of Public Administration program is coming to a close... I have two take-home essay finals and a presentation with a 20-30pg paper left. Soooooooo much writing on health care and polisci stuff orz

December plans after JLPT 1kyuu... ORZ :
-Messiah translations (how appropriate as I've started translating the Christmas days? :D I've got most of Dec. 24 done)
-Continuing Darker Than Black 2 commissions
-Continuing confidential commissions
-PM Movie 12 with RG
-Inazuma Eleven w/ Sanji-san
-Other ryuu_rogue stuff as it becomes available for me
-baito >_>; chou mendoukusai ni nattekita kedo. maa, kane wa kane da nee.. >_>
-Borgess VNA volunteer

It's pretty much all translating/fansubbing still... XD Need to get back into fic/arting! Which I shall when I need to de-stress.

1. List who's been commenting in your journal using this or web-based version(watch out, it lists EVERYONE who's commented, so you might want to cut the list off somewhere)
2. Thank the top 10 people (except yourself and anonymous) for whatever you want to thank them for
3. Thank another 3 or more people for the bloody heck of it
4. Spread the thanks around!

Well, some people might not even have 10 people but that's okay too of course ^^;

These stats are less than what it says on my profile page... I think it's missing recent ones? Buu, why? Buu wish the web one worked as well but I guess I'll install yet another program on the comp

Top Commenters on splash's LiveJournal
(Of users in friends list)
1onkei_kun286 286
2hanjie232 232
3woquinoncoin188 188
4furoraken168 168
5shinraisei131 131
6petshopmistress128 128
7kae_rhio110 110
8blackout12105 105
9maradori97 97
10digistardbz95 95
11tortoises86 86
12seshy2286 86
13darkyo72 72
14alliemon70 70
15nanya_hime68 68
16repeats67 67
17seraphimon_000065 65
18pdutogepi63 63
19kouji_mustang59 59
20midori_kou59 59
21sonic331va57 57
22ledgem52 52
23kage_ookami51 51
24picaaa50 50
25vande_bot49 49
26starsdust49 49
27gogglehead8446 46
28aestalitz44 44
29midnighteve44 44
30ice_is_blue43 43
31minunxplusleotp41 41
32d_angel41 41
33dahankitty41 41
34blackspiderman39 39
35twincast37 37
36kuraikage37 37
37n4ncy36 36
38ffxgodhand34 34
39cesarin33 33
40jpwong33 33
41yen_san33 33
42chibigarm33 33
43drgnkiyo31 31
44digiboy12331 31
45nekosalosa31 31
46creoa31 31
47satsucake29 29
48nicole172529 29
49uver_chan28 28
50without_reason28 28
51mistressofrobin28 28
52nayami28 28
53demonoflight27 27
54akaku_kun27 27
55canon_4_life26 26
56robinterrae25 25
57mochaholic23 23
58fmagna23 23
59shinashi23 23
60kiya_kiya_chan22 22
61c_sacred22 22
62virizion20 20
63zeopower620 20
64munou_no_taisa19 19
65pixelwater19 19
66sora_ishida19 19
67sapphireluna18 18
68traincat18 18
69myth72018 18
70ciambawildcat18 18
71baka_tenshi18 18
72tategamiwolf17 17
73icysnowdrop17 17
74kiirobon17 17
75dazzling_mage17 17
76drug_holic17 17
77ladymercurious517 17
78iniquitous17 17
79yukiya_ayase16 16
80dark0416 16
81elektra_alpha16 16
82iceburgundy16 16
83yaoi_girl15 15
84sailorcosmos_x15 15
85comettail15 15
86innocentwolf15 15
87rukawagf14 14
88whomper14 14
89pink_thanatos14 14
90herongale14 14
91hiroki_chan13 13
92wamyne13 13
93bishie_addict13 13
94nikolai13 13
95umleroi13 13
96maplepancakes13 13
97taichikun1412 12
98poyudi12 12
99mizzy2k11 11
100lordchaosomega11 11

Total Commenters: 660 (560 not shown)
Total Comments: 10312

Report generated 11/26/2009 6:53:52 PM by scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7

Well, I used the Windows-based one so moving around answers a bit~
onkei_kun for being a wonderful inspiration and EEEE FANGIRLING GOOD TIMES
hanjie for sticking around and being such a good sport :D And for selling me his modded PS2, even though there was a big mess with it and junk. In the end it was still better than buying a brand new PS2, because then I wouldn't be been able to get the softmod.
furoraken for said softmod. XD Everywhere I went looking for modded PS2 information kept talking about mod-chips when you knew all along ESR was the easiest way to go. IT WAS ALL VERY CONFUSING until that.
woquinoncoin for lots of good times and help when I went to Taiwan last summer!
petshopmistress for being crazy fangirl as well ilu ♥ AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH, there aren't any other people around here who even close to how awesome you are.
shinraisei for good discussions? XD I don't have many friends who keep up with politics (and aren't bastards about it like a certain someone), which I actually do have some interest in. And I always truly love to have more Digimon + 日本語 buddies ♥ This combination pureazes me.
kae_rhio ..*HUGHUG* for still hanging on Gaia! XDDD Ack seriously, since I've invested quite a bit into that site I'd like to keep some friends around it and kenzy's one of the few still there ToT~ you are too awesome, girl.
blackout12 for always sending me such happy comments and news~ You make me smile. :)
maradori err for taking us around to Animate in Taiwan XD;
digistardbz for your awesome Digimon Savers goodness of course :D omg, the Masaru lineart still makes me happy in every place possibleeeeee. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

minunxplusleotp for being you :3~~ Let's keep enjoying Hoshi together on IRC XD~~~
kage_ookami for being you too... XD; you silly stalker *runs*
tabimendou for much good Messiah fangirling and the like 8D
dragon_punk for being the cool person you are. Really, I can't think of a better way to say it. xD I wish you'd be on IRC longer~
repeats for suggesting that Microsoft bit. XD rofl okay really, I love your manliness~~~~~~
and yes all of youuuuu, I am reading and you relieve me of the suckiness of real life or we share the pain together +___+ Thank you.

New layout on ryuu_rogue! Also expanding Kimi to Nara forums to Ryuu-Rogue related stuff.~
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