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[talking] Noji-nii in otome game ♥♥♥

Mmmm happy for the announcement of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story~ What timely news as petshopmistress literally started playing GS1 PLUS on the day of the announcement. XD The main guy looks GORGEOUS on that B's Log cover, but that page-scan which is what he'd look more like in-game doesn't flatter me as much. :\
And urrr, thanks to Petshop I went back to play GS1 PLUS myself too... XD I went for Himuro-sensei and the even older school chairman... yabee. Well, I honestly wasn't nearly as dokidoki for either of them compared to Wakaouji-sama ♥

I'm VERY behind in Otome games too, since there's just a huge buttload of them. I've started Fushigi Yuugi DS... THIS SERIES. It was one of the very first anime series I'd ever watched along with Escaflowne and Kenshin. I hadn't looked at the site until I started playing and started getting weirded out when I realized the entire original cast was changed.
I prefer Mamo's voice to be deeper, but I like his Tamahome still. He sounds like a totally different person at times because I'm so much more used to his deeper voice. Weird how he's replacing Midorikawa yet again though ^^;
The story's really slow though... Could be partially because I've seen the first half of the anime one too many times.
haven't met any of the bad guys yet but wow, I can't imagine Nakamura Yuuichi as Tomo. Tomo was sooooo creepy in the original. I do wanna hear Toriumi Kousuke's Tasuki though, so I will definitely get back to this after.... doing the Genbu side...~ :D Doing Genbu first since I don't know the story and...

NOJI-NII'S ON THE GENBU SIDE, OMGgggggggggggggggggggg. (sorely tempted to make inappropriate descriptions as a reaction)
Is it me or is all the art on the Genbu side so much hotter
shoooooot JunJun's on this side too. XD
Well, let's see what happens. I just started.

Finally made a tag for the obscene amount of pics of Lina on my LJ gallery.

Looking back at old Lina pics... XD

I think she might've been a lemur in a past life

The cold weather's coming back, so she'll probably be burying herself under my huge-thick blankets more often

Lately, I often wake up in bed to find Lina sleeping against my head right above me... Either her moe round back will be leaning on me or her paws will be wrapped around close to my ears, so I hesitate to get up because she just feels so comfortable and she gets up when I do XD;
I wonder if she'll continue doing this when I have to spend Monday (and possibly Tuesday) nights in Lansing for classes. :< ~ My bed partner!!!!!!!!

I just hope she doesn't turn out to be a noisy meowing "feed me" machine like Lucy, who now stalks me late at night and caterwauls for food sometimes, making me fear the parents will wake up and also get senile on me. >>; Old 18-year-old cat doesn't want to eat the dry food anymore and she'll only eat the finely mashed up canned kind. After I fed her the other night, she was still doing those crazy running trips around the house too. Gahhh she's so old and senile! XD;
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