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[talk] Inazuma Eleven ep 59 and some other XD

I wonder at times if GaiaOnline has some dependency on scriptors who exploit their cash shop items... :o From what I can see, the scriptors are the only thing keeping Gaia economy from inflating even further out of control by at least making their annoyingly expensive cash shop items more available in the market. XD Just the "deep dark secret" of Gaia I think about occasionally, but I don't think I care that much about it in the end. I have no idea how they do the scripting, I just know it exists and people exploit it.

Finally fixed my BSPlayer to not convert all my screencaps into shitty colors :| I'd normally use MPC but it's easier with one button click on BSplayer and no prompt window, and BSplayer compresses nice and small, good for bulk screening. I need to redo the earlier screencaps in the Inazuma Eleven gallery, which I'll do some day. Which goes into...

[inazuma eleven]
EP 59...!!!
Hmmm I guess Aphrodi's out of picture XD I was always wondering about that because his part wasn't that long in the game. WELL FOUGHT MAN. orz

And there was just so much spesssssshial Fubuki in this ep that screencaps couldn't possibly capture it all. His conversation with Gouenji... His last line to Gouenji especially, wutttt. The under-the-bridge voice echoing did me in. Yeah. There was something manly going on there.

Then right afterwards, Guran tops them all with his smile for Endou orz
I like how this person sums it up... Guran just cockblocks everything. 8D
Oh yes, my two favorite shots of the ep:
most special moment

cutest moment of the ep goes to Tachimukai and Tsunami though. It makes me just want to smash them together and eat them in a sandwich



Battle Spirits ~Shounen Gekiha Dan~
Leopard-Raws released the first 9 eps on bt, so I yoinked them. I suspect whoever encoded them in Japan is doing the Inazuma Eleven raws too (same codec, at low resolution).
Well, the cast is certainly better than the first Battle Spirits series (I see someone has been adamantly updating that list D:), and I like the character designs/art more too. But the story is kind of... :| I dunno, I haven't been pulled in by any card game series yet. There's too much individualism and proxy separation to it somehow, even if they team up to go against the bad guys ._.;

She reminds me of Lia from World Destruction.
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