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[talk] The birdfeeder of life and death. D:

Well, here's what I wrote in a custom entry on June 16, 2007:
It was great that these guys were most active during our dinner times. The next day, we saw it here, and then half an hour later, we watched it fly off to leave forever (unless they make another nest there next year owo~). I'll never forget the sight of the parent picking up the chick's droppings right before they fell into the nest .w.

Here, you can see a dead bird on our feeder from a few days ago. No idea how it happened.
The birdfeeder of life and death. D:

You can also see the ridiculous amount of leaves that fall into our yard... and they're still falling. Take it it's amazing we haven't gotten snow yet and it's almost mid-November. (probably just jinxed it). Noooo we're supposed to have a warmer winter this year-- I hope it is!!!

Some cat videos :D
Lina VS Plush Rodent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bywNSCkXh9k
Lina on the Lap Take 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55kz6yL9NnQ

Lol you people, especially JRPG gamers, who chose to get an Xbox instead of Ps3, I feel sorry for you because all the cool JRPGs that get released on there get better versions released on PS3~~~
Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean 4, I'm sure there are many others...
Hmm Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International PS3 will include dual audio Japanese/English and their release dates are the same... considering getting the US one (cheaper, and I can even do a store pick-up, in the same mall I'm part-timing at~) :o Although if there's no enticing pre-order bonus, I'd rather wait for a super discounted price xD
And are there supposed to be any pre-order bonuses with FFXIII in Japan? Not seeing any. 以外. *confused*

I've been playing Summon Night X: Tears Crown lately though. Good cast and lotssssss of voicing~~~ The one complaint I have about this series overall is that there are too many individual character endings and no healthy person's going to play the game 18??? times just to get all... 18??? endings and see the conversations from all the characters. Not only are there 9 other characters from yourself, but you can choose to be either the boy or the girl, and that changes the conversations with the other 9 characters too! At least I can do the cheap thing with the flashcard save states so I can see the other conversations, and I'm not interested enough in the girl to really play her route at all, I think. XD; Not when JUNJUN'S AROUND \o/

Too bad specifically about this game is that it lacks the humor the GBA games had. buu. :|

Other than that, going to be busy as heck for the rest of month doing lots of school projects/papers, translation projects and STUDYING, ACK
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