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Happy birthday gokumew2~
Wow, bid for Onmyou Taisenki Seiryuu Zero Drive went up to $45, doubt anyone else is going to bid...? XD;

I made a big pot of soup concoction with tofu, small bits of pork (mostly leftovers from another dish), white lettuce, some kind of frozen Korean vegetable wonton, and a few eggs, with some touches of hotpot sauce and chicken broth... and it tasted like heavennnnnnn XD; Soooo good. Lasted me about three meals hahaha.

I'm very saddened about the cancelling for the Digimon Memorial book and what has me concerned is that HMV and 1999 don't seem to have done anything about it yet. Sigh, what a bad end to Digimon's 10th anniversary .______.; Total flop. I really hope they haven't given up!! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS. Something tells me CDJapan just lost patience and decided to cancel orders because they didn't want to set a delay date again, which ticks me off because I didn't get to lock the better yen rate for it. I paid instantly for it back in June when the yen rate was still above 100, and now they've refunded it... *hits publishers* They can't just put out adverts like this then not follow through 8|

In the meanwhile, I've got a different order coming from CDJapan that I hope arrives sometime next week. And an AmazonJapan order shipping out Nov 4 to my lovelylovelylovelyproxy Lea you are such a lifesaver <3 Gah, EMS shipping from Japan is so ridiculous these days. One of the readings for my MPA program covered why the USPS is made out of awesomesticks in both price and speed, and it's mostly thanks to profits from stamps and stamp collectors. Now if only healthcare in the country were that awesome too. :|

I11 - Tsunami and Tachimukai by *splashgottaito on deviantART
More Inazuma Eleven fanart~~
Ahh, need the HDTV raws after ep 20~~ Where are they ToT~
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