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[talk] LJ meme, game-related blabs

Updated to Windows 7! \o/
The touchpad now makes my computer do stupid STUPID stuff while I'm typing, so I'm pretty much disabling it... but I do have a habit of using it randomly (even while typing, my free thumb can use it while I type xD), so I'm taking time to get used to that. wahhh. I wish XP mode worked on it so I could use my scanner on it instead of the old one, but this processor doesn't support virtualization, probably because it's a budget line... disadvantage of buying Acer brand. XD;
I also don't care much for the whole window preview thing when you hover your mouse over the taskbar. I have a habit of keeping my mouse down there, so it's not in the way of the screen, but then the preview covers my main window and all that other crap.
Other than that, it's better than Vista, for sure. Faster, feels nicer, etc.

LJ meme from repeats
Number of Journal Entries: This one makes 1299. o_o I don't remember, but I did celebrate 1000 sometime back... XD

Person who introduced you to LJ: I joined in through random internet surfing before invite codes were first even implemented. I was keeping a written diary before that, seriously.

Still friends with this person: yes i am still friends with myself 8( <- lol

Date journal created: 2001-04-05

How many people have you introduced to LJ: I haven't kept track. Back when the invite codes were around, I did use quite a few and most of those people are still around.

List everyone on your friends list who you have met in person: oh boy... these are the ones I've meet and spoken to in person at least... there are others who have apparently passed by and we didn't find out until afterwards LOL - hanjie, onkei_kun, coltt creoa, furoraken, harumi, curyuu, jackie26085, ksenour, ladymercurious5, maradori, nikolai, petshopmistress, raphs_mistress, mahii928, rensu, rjhudson, seraphimon_0000, seshy22, umleroi, woquinoncoin, yen_san. Taken a good majority are people I went to school with, but this list is still a lot longer than I always originally imagine. And I'd like to meet more 8D!

Three people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest: Mmm of people who still actively comment onkei_kun, hanjie and and and I guess petshopmistress during the spurts when she remembers she has a permanent account here roflll

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: I WANT TO MEET YOU ALL I CAN'T CHOOSE

Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal: Not that I remember... this surprises me too :D

Number of comments: 10,152 comments received, 9,734 comments posted. My ratio of comments received/posted are definitely closing in because I participate in so many LJ communities and actually reply to f-list posts now. XD;;;;

Biggest pet peeve about LJ: I guess I'll say the occasional elitist wank too. Really, even that doesn't faze me much these days though, unless I'm directly involved? XD My personality avoids confrontation though, so it doesn't happen much.

Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list: Moreso from the people who actually posttttttttttt and commenttttt because I DO READ YOUR ENTRIES~ I'm just more inclined to reply to fandom-related stuff and the like. The usual~

How many journals on LiveJournal do you have: Only this one, but I've founded 5 communities (2 are completely dead but that's how it is :D) and moderate fukuyama_jun. Yes. It's a pain to log off and on all the time as I do on sites like Gaia, and this one's on a permanent account, so I'll only be sticking to this one.~

Tales of Rebirth. XDDD

ToR's crack is the best of Tales XD~

I11 - Firsts Doodles by *splashgottaito on deviantART
waaa~ Got some Inazuma Eleven music (with extra DVD) coming in the mail, so perhaps I shall be doing some sharing XD~

Mini bidding war currently going on for Onmyou Taisenki Seiryuu Zero Drive! That auction will be ending early November, so check it out before it's gone~

Digimon Memorial Book is supposed to come out in a few days, will it actually happen this time?!?!? Considering they can announce a new CD collection coming out, they should be working on this right +___+ Can't wait \o/
Tags: gaming, meme, nintendo ds, series - inazuma eleven, series - tales
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