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[talk] Digimon Savers ~Another Mission~ Thought

Clips of all the cut-scenes I captured with my USB capture card~ Download here (~700mb, tell me if you yoink~) and the password is seibaazu. x264 mp4 files with aac audio (except for one small mpg).
Download the unofficial OST here

Click the color pics for full~

I had a good squee when Masaru stepped in here... XDDD *runs*

The rest under the cut~

You know what, that alone would've made this game awesome. XD But I really loved a lot of stuff about this game.

Lalamon... XD

Kagura Tsukasa, voiced by Ueda Yuji.
I was hoping he'd stay a good guy but lost hope as soon as I saw that early scene with Demon. orz
He was pretty predictable after that. XD
IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF TOHMAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. …アレ

The top is... Kosaburo, voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki!! Yocchin~~ A voice I've started to really like, both his silly and hot roles. This one definitely leans on the silly with his balls jokes. Yes, those balls. XD; And his Piyomon would mimic him, LOL. I almost want to make an icon out of it... because. What did they do in the US version with those?
What a lame excuse to say I've drawn him. I did have something else but I didn't feel like scanning it up.

It was very interesting to hear the story of Nitta though... finally, more DATS backstory! Leaves the imagination open enough for more fandom to work itself in there. Yes, yes.

The rest are all conversations I enjoyed for stupid reasons~ Links go to mostly looong screencaps:
Satsuma's secret
Satsuma: ...
Masaru: ...Captain?
Satsuma: ...
Kudamon: Satsuma is in the middle of a nap.
Masaru: So that's what the sunglasses are for...!

DATS salary (Yoshino spills the meat we all imagined XD)
Kurosaki: This is kind of abrupt, but Kagura-san, are you rich?
Shirakawa: Whoa, she's going after you.
Kagura: ...My salary's normal. :D
Kurosaki: Oh, you don't have to joke around. You always dress so casually well.
Kagura: Hahaha, it's cheap clothes.
Masaru: ...Huh? Is there a salary at DATS?
Tohma: ...Don't tell me you haven't gotten any all this time?
Kudamon: Don't worry. Your salary is being sent to Sayuri's bank account.
Masaru: Why my mom's bank account? Shouldn't it be mine?!
Yoshino: All of your salary would probably go into feeding Agumon and his big appetite anyway.
Yoshino: It works out just right if we pay Sayuri-san directly.
Masaru: Well, I don't like it!
Agumon: Aniki, it's fine. I'm happy just being able to eat Sayuri's cooking.
Masaru: I told you not to call my mom so casually!

lol Masaru manly talk
Masaru: A man's gotta risk his life on his supplementary exams! If you start fearing a bad grade, you've already lost!

more manly talk... XD
Masaru: The path a man travels on is a fighting path! The only time he should pull back is when his family's smiling to calm him down!
^- omg

versus the girls

If you don't notice, the only difference is a 100 and an 80 (100 makes it way easier though XD)
Pandamon: The older brother left home to go to school, which was 2km away from his house.
10 minutes later, the younger sister chased after him using the same road.
The older brother walks 100m per minute, while the sister runs 200m per minute. After how many minutes does she catch up?

Pandamon makes an "U~n" sound and Masaru says this
Masaru: Something going on? You're making noises like you're working hard on the toilet.

SAKEBE, TOHMA, DECLARE YOUR LOVE (indirectly, while Masaru remains clueless but goes along anyway~ <3 )
Barbamon: So you've intruded into my sacred precincts once again.
Barbamon: To be unsatisfied still, humans are living beings with so much greed.
Tohma: "Greed"? That may be true.
Masaru: ...Tohma?
Tohma: But I'll be "greedy" with pleasure.
Tohma: So that I won't lose anyone else! To protect those important to me!

Kurosaki: トーマ様ぁ。なんだか体調がすぐれないの…医者とし見ていただけないかしら? (Tohma-sama, I don't feel so great... Would you do a checkup on me as a doctor~?)
Tohma: 正常です。 (All normal.)
Kurosaki: えー、それだけぇ? (Eh? That's it?)

Masaru: コサブローのピヨモンって、知香のピヨモンとは関係ないのか? (Kosaburo, does your Piyomon have any relation to Chika's Piyomon?)
Kosaburo: どういうことだい? (What do you mean?)
Yoshino: マサルの妹のデジモンも、ピヨモンだったのよ。 (Masaru's little sister had a Piyomon as her Digimon too.)
Kosaburo: そんなぐうぜんもあるんだ。ピヨモン、知香ちゃんって知ってる? (Coincidences like that happen. Piyomon, do you know Chika-chan?)
Piyomon: 知らないですー。 (I don't know her~)
Kosaburo: ところで、「だった」ってどういう意味なんだい? (By the way, what do you mean "had"?)
Yoshino: あいかわらず目ざといわね。 (You've got a sharp eye as usual.)
Yoshino: 知香ちゃんのピヨモンは、メルクリモンの力で心がこわれて、アグモンにデジタマにされたの。 (Mercurimon's power had broken Chika-chan's Piyomon's mind, so Agumon turned it back into a Digiegg.)
Kosaburo: ああ、ピヨモンが町を大あばれしたヤツね。 (Ah, the Piyomon that went wild in the city.)
Kosaburo: オレっちのピヨモンがまた、ワルさしたんじゃないかって、あんときは、あせったからなあ。 (I was nervous that maybe my Piyomon was up to something bad again back then.)
Masaru: そっか、ならいいんだ。知香に見せてやろうと思ったけど、ぎゃく効果になりそうだから。 (Oh, that's fine then. I was thinking of showing Chika, but looks like it'd just have an opposite effect.)
Agumon: アニキ… (Aniki...)
Yoshino: …ところで、「また」ってどういう意味? (...By the way, what do you mean by "again"?)
Kosaburo: ヨシノちゃんも目ざといね~。 (Yoshino-chan's got a sharp eye too~)
Piyomon: ワタシはワルさなんてしません! (I haven't done anything bad!)
Yoshino: はぁ。どうやら、テイマーとデジモンはにるようね。 (*sigh* Looks like Digimon resemble their Tamers.)
Tohma: 否定する要因がないな。 (No reason to deny that.)
Kosaburo: ひっでー。 (How mean.~)
Lalamon: わたしはヨシノみたいにダラしなくないわよ! (I'm not a slob like Yoshino!)
Lalamon: 代わりに料理も作るし、寝相だっていいのよ!! (I do the cooking for her, and at least I sleep properly!!)
Yoshino: 私の私生活を、バラすなー! (Stop talking about my private life!)
^- *imagines Lalamon cooking* owo; Nunchuck sausages...

Stuff in the cut-scene clips:
Lilithmon: Fufu... Three cute men...
Tohma: !
Masaru: !
Ikuto: ?


Might have been others, I'll add them if I remember xD;
I was pretty happy with the amount of side-missions in the games, but I wanted MOREEEEEEEEE of the main storyline! Or even more side-missions or something~ Because my evolution charts are still only about half full but I don't want to just grindddd to get the rest.
I'm also very much in agreement with a review I read on the game... Putting Numemon and its evolutions on every Digimon was a stupid idea. XD I would've prefered a different kind of variety. For example, Agumon had DORUmon on his evolution line, but none of DORUmon's evolutions ._.;
But my biggest complaint of all is... the LOADTIMES. I think this game would've been so much more entertaining if it were on the DS (and would've been so much cheaper to produce too). Nothing sucks more than waiting on loading times while waiting around the PS2 D8;

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