Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] 23 \o/

:o I turn 23 today.

My guiltiest pleasure until JLPT in December is drawing, so I feel like I should do some art stuff... >w< ~;;

Or I should finish up those Savers ~Another Mission~ thoughts... yes, that!! I'll say for now I've put up the clips of all the cut-scenes I captured with my USB capture card~ It's 99% of the voiced cut-scenes and a tiny bit of my gameplay... I did miss a line or two there, but nothing significant. The video and sound are kind of nasty quality, but it'll work for a $35 card. :< ~
Download here here (~700mb, tell me if you yoink, and I'll move this link over to the Thought post when ready~) and the password is seibaazu.

...After I wake up xD; Right now I'm in a total sports series mood with marathoning Major s5 and building up my team on Inazuma Eleven... waaa petshopmistress influence has long-term effects!!!!!

From the 2nd Inazuma Eleven DS games...

ジミなミサンガ (Ordinary miçanga)
地味でまったく目立たないミサンガ。誰からもバトルを挑まれなくなる。 (An ordinary miçanga that doesn't stand out at all. Nobody will challenge you to battles.)

^- I thought at first this was something that would prevent people on the playing field from using moves on you or something, but it actually prevents all random battles w0000000t chouuuu tsukaeru. \o/ You get it in a treasure box on the field where Burn/Gazel challenge you (after beating the main story).

Must collect all the hot guys in this game and make a harem team weeeeeeee Am I really 23 hmmmmmm.

Thank you kae_rhio and mcw for the gaia gifts ♥♥♥~
Tags: gaming, nintendo ds, series - inazuma eleven
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