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[talk] ガムシャララ~…って意味ないし

Mmmk, rest of the season anime blab~

Fairy Tail
Don't have much to say from what's probably been said a lot already. XD; I'll probably keep it for a while just for the heck of it.

Kaidan Restaurant
Horror doesn't get to me as usual, but it kind of gave me the whole light Ghost Hunt aura, which I like. Just with more kids XD;; Dunno if the main blond bish can get up there on Naru scale, but we'll see.

Kuchu Buranko (Trapeze)
w00000000000t total mental acid trip. I find it amusing how they use the real life faces of the seiyuu blended in with the animation. and it feels weird actually recognizing those faces. owo;;;
Lookitthatcast. I also find it kind of nuts that Toei's doing this too.
Ep 1 was Morimori with general anxiety disorder... Ep 2 is um... Sakurai with Penile Ankylosis lololol.

Sasameki Koto
Woo, yuri in a school days setting and not some magical fantastical whatchamacallit for once \o/
The guy in ep 2 though... lolol.

Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra
Just watching it for the seiyuu so far... XD;;; The story hasn't been quite as gripping as I'd anticipated.

Yeah, some just... odd stuff this season. None of it's "OMG MUST WATCH" but it's entertaining enough for me to bother letting it run in the background. ^^;; wee. I might check out other series this season if their casts interest me. 8|

I've also been catching up on Inazuma Eleven anime lately, but while I want to, I don't want to catch up completely and be left in suspense in the anime~~~~ even though I already know what's going to happen because of the games orz. waaaa it's such a good series to marathon though >w< ~~~

What's with this screenshot of Fubuki sticking his tongue out. XD

On the last chapter of the game too... omggggggggggg the spoilers!!! Only saying because it hasn't been animated yet. But omgggg. XD I had a big WOW at Handa though. Particularly him, haha. I'd like these cut-scenes from the DS game on computer! +__+
The PV kind of carries over in the meantime.

Err yeah. Lots of stuff to do! Time's flying by waaaaaah.
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