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[download] Digimon Savers ~Another Mission~ OST

Eeeek, I'm still ever so slowly catching up with PS2 games and Tales of Vesperia and Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata) PS3 are heading over~~ And FFXIII by the end of the year. Is Versus coming out on a later date or something?

So here's the Digimon Savers ~Another Mission~ OST ripped by mcw~ Comment if you download off PMSinfirm!
(BT if you want the unnamed tracks)
I totalllllly didn't realize Hitoshi Sakimoto was credited for the game's music (there are more people involved in the actual "music composition" but he's the main name). It was the tiniest bit in the back of my head when I heard the orchestral pieces in the game, but I didn't possibly think Digimon would bring in such a well-known composer for a game like this.
But it's him.


*latches onto his autograph* From Eminence's Passion CD we got at Otakon 2007... onkei_kun helped me get his autograph back then >w< ~ I've enjoyed this guy's works ever since Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the GBA, back in 2003. Ivalice music <3 Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!
Good job~ d(>w< )

UNOFFICIAL tracklist (actually, I don't remember what track 40 and 41 are really !used for... any help on that appreciated! XD)
1. Walter Island
2. Sneyato Forest
3. Rage Cavern
4. Mirage Museum
5. Peril
6. DATS Headquarters Entrance
7. Ice Labyrinth
8. Dark Area
9. Lucemon
10. Distant Memory
11. Start Screen
12. Danger
13. Looming Darkness
14. Kosaburo's Theme
15. Despair
16. Hope
17. End Credits
18. Battle Theme 1
19. Boss Battle Theme 1
20. Battle Theme 2
21. Battle Theme 3
22. Battle Theme 4
23. Livilus Island
24. Etemon Battle Theme
25. Evolution Battle Theme
26. Boss Battle Theme 2
27. Doomsday Forest Ruin
28. Victory Song 1
29. Shopping
30. Digisoul Charge!
31. Yuma's Theme
32. DATS Headquarters
33. Game Over 1
34. Evolution Galaxy
35. Etemon Battle Theme Cut 1
36. Comrade Joins
37. Victory Song 3
38. Etemon Battle Theme Cut 2
39. Etemon Battle Theme Cut 3
40. Game Over 2
41. Interlude 1
42. Interlude 2

As for the cut-scene videos, I've got about 46 videos to encode, I think I'll just use x264 mkv with the aac audio, although my capturing quality sucks imo I like the filesize economy of the format, and I'll probably slap some quick softsubs on the vids, yesyes?


In other news, I've discovered that a whole lot of the anime stuff at my workplace is knock-off than I initially thought. XD When I had taken my first browsing at the store, I didn't look closely up at the most of the figurine toys and such... Yeah sadly most of them are knock-offs. XDDD I can say SOME of the stuff is still authentic like the random Gunpla selection, the music CDs, most of the DVDs... (one customer came in and bought the two crazy-looking Vampire Knight "complete" DVDs... HK? One of them had fanart on the cover wtfff? XD) Most of the wallscrolls, plushies and puzzles aren't official either, but they're still good quality imo. But the rest is junk you're likely to find in Taiwan and China. XD;
Oh, there's a whole buttload of Zelda, Mario and Yoshi stuff there that's good quality too, but of course they're expensive and I've yet to see people buy anything above the $8 plushies from the Mario franchise.

The other day, we brought in some hats... a Kon hat, the badger thing from Gurren Lagann, and uh... Code Geass Military Cap. I tried it on... o.O;;;

Anyway, the only thing I've myself bought from the store is a cheap head massager. Because it makes me purr like heck.

There's still lots of stuff coming in over the weeks, so maybe I'll find something else I'll be interested in getting for myself (woot for employee discount) hahaha.
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