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[talk] Tidbits before the storm~

All of the collages from the Digimon Savers Thought are up on DeviantArt now~ There are a few more duds scattered on the collages that aren't posted on LJ XD

Moar art \o/
Act III is going up very slowwwly on my doujinshi DA account. Without the R-18 scene.
I don't know what else to say here for now... ^^;

hiroki_chan rec'd Arcobaleno! PS2 to me~

^- Cooking genius with a calm/cold personality

^- Troublemaker who likes to invent his own dishes

Lol hello Tohma and Masaru Otome+Cooking game version.

Voiced by the Tachibana Shinnosuke/Hino Satoshi pair. XD (they're also doing a radio show together, which I have the darnnnnndest time remembering to keep up with weekly :< )

Anybody try Lucian Bee's RESURRECTION SUPER NOVA? I LOVE the cast line-up, but for some reason the whole concept doesn't appeal to me too much for some reason. And the character designs are so-so on me too, mostly because they're uh... a little too separated from reality, heh. At least I didn't feel the appeal when I was playing the Vitamin series, and Lucian Bee's seems similar just by the summary. I've also got Vitamin Z for PS2 I could try... XD;
I do like the music for the game a lotttttt though *w*~~~ Kamen no Shita no Ballad totally sounds like a catchy-addictive JE boys hit, seiyuu style! XD;

My (real) EasyCap came in, so now I can play PS2 on my comp and make recordings!! Technically I should be able to use the PS3 on this too o______o; I'm getting Trusty Bell and Tales of Vesperia when Lea sends it over <3 ~ I love how we're shipping each other things that are more convenient to get in our respective countries XDDD; Although I think I'm much more reliant on her part ORZ *reaches*

From alliemon
01; Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02; Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

Digimon Savers Yoshino's quote "This is the worst" and Lalamon with sausages~

Hagu from Honey & Clover. I love the crack in hachikuro. XD

Pokemon: I just think Musashi looks interesting with her hair down XD

Ghost Hound: I just like the way Masayuki's shoulder is lifted here, and his eyes. XD~ This is Fukuyama Jun character pheromone in its underage prime~ XD

Gintama: ftw :D Check out the screenshot from ep 92 when they were discussing that their DVD sales were too good because of raunchy covers "like that" XDDD http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/00349fst/g144

Digimon Savers: tomato~ It's supposed to be S&M Sadist and Masochist XDDDD M for Maso Masaru but Tohma is T, so... yeah XD
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