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[talk] バイトはSelling swords~~~~

Waiting for the Digimon memorial book now that it's been delayed-- Hmmm, I wonder if this is what the people who preordered Messiah Paranoia Paradox had to go through. I heard they kept delaying the release and delaying it and delaying it and delaying it... XD

China Capital Arts in the Crossroads Mall, Kalamazoo, Michigan

There's a Haruhi wallscroll on the very left. Someone bought that today and the boss put an ugly-looking Naruto one (quality-wise) up in its place for a sale price, daww. I hope someone buys that one soon D8;;;
But I'm glad to see someone bought the Haruhi one, and that there are still people in the city who actually watch fansubs 8| (he brought up Endless Eight, hahaha.)

About that animusic, ahaha the boss even asked to buy a CD player off me so he could play music in the store, and then I told him I could burn him copies of the music he was selling..... like the Geass, Bleach OSTs, game OSTs, Naruto hits, etc. hahahaha
XD;; so I'm bringing a cd player in from the house and my animusic. I have the first of the two shifts by myself tomorrow, so I'll be playing the reallll good stuff. Wewt.

Weapons account for like a third of the sales in the store. I wish we didn't have to sell the little switch knives and such too because a lot of younger people buy or WANT to buy them (you have to be at least 18), and they're still kind of lying around for the picking. I hope that changes soon. I mean the boss puts Kingdom Heart/Death Note wallets behind the glass case, but leaves the hand-size weapons out on the open? ....... I'm very tempted to switch them around. Hmm I should've brought that up to him but I just thought of that just now and I won't see him again for a while. XDDDDD He apparently lives in Detroit.


Ichigo's Zanpakutou, Zangetsu

Bankai Zangetsu is taller than me 8|

There's also Kenshin's reverse-blade sword in a full tang, it's really nice.

Ah, I forgot to take pictures of the clothes, those are also a good fourth or so of the sales. There are some typical outfits like the Uchiha clothes and Soul Society stuff, china dresses and the like. Boss had me try out the china dresses today so I could recommend them for future sales, heh. A few moments of vanity. I felt sexy.

The guy's still looking for more part-timers if you live in Kalamazoo! \o/
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