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Backdating the anime stuff sales post, so it'll be on the first 5 posts for a while!

dfkjhsdkfjhdf Thank you everyone who voted in the Matsuri contest ToT!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh I get a copics pic it seems~ I'm so envious of those who work with the copics~ *needs to get a set of her own one day >_>* Thank you so much <3

STILL on Gaomon on my Burst Digivice because I haven't had time and left it on Pause for ages. >_>
I was wondering what the "Feather" item on the Burst Digivice does, so I found out...
I need to draw more of these! x3

Starting grad school on Tuesday, waaaaaaaaaa back to school. Also planning to get involved with the newly growing Japanese culture department here. :D

Thanks sis for the heads up~ Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I just got a new part-time job~ It's at China Capital Arts in the Crossroads, which is newly set up. THEY SELL ANIME STUFF. It's mostly Naruto and Bleach though, of course. XDDD A bit of Sailor Moon stuff for the girls. But they're (mostly) authentic Japanese products which makes me squeeeeeeeeeeeee. They have some interesting Final Fantasy goods, cds and wallscrolls too. I remember seeing some really nice Kingdom Hearts, Death Note anime and Suzumiya Haruhi wallscrolls. I start training this Friday.

They also sell weapons like shuriken, kunai and swords o_o;;; Some of them are just out on display for now, blades poking out. Didn't expect that. My OCD wants to add giant red warning signs around them because there aren't any around the displays. I hope I don't get cut! bokutouuuuu~ They also have a lot of cool traditional clothes, Buddha statues, charms and the sort. More than I thought, and I like it :D

But the store owner seems pretty nice. It's going to be fun, I can tell. XD asdhfkjdhf I wonder if I'll get to play my choice of animu music there too or something. >w< ~~~

Many thanks to nezucho and furoraken, I finally have a modded PS2, and my first game is definitely Digimon Savers ~Another Mission~! I've also started out on Shining Wind JP, Tales of the Abyss JP, Persona 4 (undub), and Final Fantasy X International (undub), but I'll get back to them after at least one round of Savers. As well as the Onmyou Taisenki games and possibly some Summon Knight games and maybe even some otome games... errrm, this is all going to take a lot of time already XD

I'm also getting an A/V to USB adapter so I can play the games on my old XP laptop or a computer, and it supposedly has software to let me record with it, so I'd like to make recordings of the Savers cutscenes, since some scenes are just... XDDDDD And fansub them too? I've got a few Thought pics already ahahahahahaha.

Dorking, I'll "re-organize" all this blab later:

But DAMN the game runs so slowly, I really wish they'd learned something from the smoother/faster flow in other games like Final Fantasy X. I played FFX way back in high school when Paul lent me his PS2 and have forgotten most of it since then, so it'll be nice to have a replay with the original audio. xD I also set it to the Japanese subtitles, and it's REALLY annoying because what they say doesn't match up to the subs at all >_>; Like Tidus will be saying 「マジかよ!」 (maji ka yo!) while the subs say 「勘弁してくれ!」 (kanben shitekure!) >___>; Or sentences will be inverted in the subs, or shortened, or just... ARGH none of it matches and it's annoying because the subs are still following the story, miraculously. Just telling in a different way... XD That just reinforces the silliness of the stories for FF, if you ask me.

When I try to play Final Fantasy XII International it won't detect my controller though, and I HOPE it's just because of the controller... got another coming though, so I hope that should work... >_> I know it's not because of the game, since I have the actual retail game, and it's done the same thing with both that and a copy I downloaded from PS2iso.


Ack still have to set up that gijinka meme with petshopmistress... XD Err I guess wait until after you're settled into your new apartment and I'm settled into... school? orz

Shipping mizzy2k's item when I can >o< ! I hope I have time on Saturday... waaa why can't the post office be closer to home

Things are changing again waaaa

Last but not least...doujinshi in-progress~~~ no color yet XD Ack need to finish Cycle sequel first!!! WHERE ARE MY FIC-WRITING MUSES
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