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Anime stuff sale is still going!!

Don't know why, but I've been on a translating spree lately... breezed through 8 eps of translations for commission in a week...
I'm actually running low on personal translation projects, and while I want to translate Ryouta's route for Messiah, I really don't want to take the time to learn how to extract the Japanese text onto something I can actually work with XDDD
So there was that one Taito doujinshi scanlation I put up at yamachi... hmmm I want to do some ToMaTo ones maybe... problem is scans... 8|~~~
Or actually the fics too... but which one should I start with?!?!?! Mmmm.
The translation cravings...!!!!!! They're taking over my drawing ones, oddly >__>; I think it might just be a phase thing until JLPT comes in December. Mmm, 1kyuu. 勉強しなきゃっ!

ToMaTo projects are still inching along too, I think I've finally got something REALLY going for the next doujinshi, and the sequel to Cycle will get there... some day!! Maybe I'll just make it a goal to finish it for NaNoWriMo 2009 even though it won't be that long XD;;;;

I'm randomly starting a gaming review blog for the hell of it. I have other reasons for making that too but thaaaaaaaat's a secret. I had a lot of fun making lots of quick banners for the rotation at the top. XD petshopmistress, I used your pictures of the Dissidia pop cans for one of them, LOL. As for the actual reviews themselves... they are not much ._.; It's just for the outward appearance anyway. I likely won't be doing much on it and my fangirling's going to stay here. XD

I'm thinking about preordering Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume (PlayStation3 the Best) (known as Eternal Sonata in the US), but there are a couple minor dilemmas... whether to get the Japan editions or the Asian editions ($10 cheaper), and also whether to order them from Play-Asia or Yesasia. Yesasia would offer free shipping, but Japan editions from Play-Asia are more likely to come with limited edition preorder items.

My current plan is to order from Play-Asia and get ToV Japan edition and Trusty Bell in Asian edition. Y/N? >_>;

I still wish Amazon Japan would just ship games overseas though! orz

I think I've finally figured out the reason behind some certain things going on with my art brain, so I've decided to fully re-open art commissions. Digimon fanart will have lower prices while everything else will be more expensive. I think that'll solve the whole motivation issue I've been having @_@;!
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