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[talk] Taiwan AIDsummer 2009 pre-blab

Last day of teaching at AIDsummer 2009!!!! I've had like no time to make a proper entry, plus my personal laptop doesn't connect to the internet at the school anymore (stopped working a couple days ago), and I'm lazy to transfer whatever I had scribbled down on that right now.

Anyway, here are the pics from just my camera so far: http://splash.pmsinfirm.org/pics/AIDsummer2009/
I'll attempt to make a proper gallery with video clips, captions, stories, etc later. I made the slideshow that we're going to use at the closing ceremony today. And I'll try to record as much of it as I can on my digicam. It's going to be cooooooool~~~~~ I'm going to miss all of these Masarus!!!!!!!!! Yeah, most of them are 14 years old.

The last week here in Taiwan is a troublesome tour with half of the rest of the people in the program. I think our group has mostly older people, but there are still high-schoolers in the program, so the rules are appropriate for that as such... Meh.

My mom finally got a facebook and added me while I was here too. >___>; Good thing I only use that thing like once a week and only for a few minutes when I do so.

Deviantart, fanfiction.net and some other sites like that are BLOCKED here for "adult content". ._.; So there's been stuff I've been wanting to upload but I can't. It's comfortable working on the tablet in the teacher's office with AC~~~~

More laterrrrrr o/
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