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[talk] Taiwan Loot

-Bakugan Battle Brawlers Taiwanese DVD boxsets 1 and 2 (all eps, PURELY FOR THE JAPANESE AUDIO and it was relatively cheap. I'll figure out if I want to make rips of it available or whatnot later. ANYONE EVEN INTERESTED? or am I a total lost case for kids shows as long as they have seiyuu I'm interested in lawl)
-2 Honey & Clover clearfiles (there were a lot of other really good ones from other series but I'd only end up re-selling them and have no use for them otherwise... XD)
-Newtype Nov 08, Dec 08, Feb 09
-Animedia Jan 09, Feb 09, May 09, July 09
-Seiyuu Grandpri May 09 (Mmmmmmmm Kamiyan poster...!!! XD And can someone shoot me for thinking Namikawa Daisuke looks like a frog or reptile in a cute/odd way)
-DOLLS manga volume 7 special edition (uwaaa I have to admit I'm so behind in manga in general, I've barely read this!!!! But special edition, wanted to get it while I could XDDD Even though I can't get the drama CD that getting this volume is part of...... Suzuken, Mamo, Tachibana and Sugitan... XDDDD ackkk I want to hear it, does someone have it?)

Heavy (but nice and cheap) magazines are heavy. Must watch out for packing limits...
I tried to find the latest 07-Ghost manga, but couldn't find any of the series at all. Or even Zero-Sum magazines. of course >_>;
Anyway... also saw lots of Kuroshitsuji. One store even played the opening music to Kuroshitsuji while I was there. And lots of so-so looking BL novels/manga. Was almost tempted to pick out something on a whim just to explore it (the only actual BL manga I have is G-Senjou no Neko, and then the Lamento/Messiah artbooks), but all the titles really did look sooooooo... so-so ._. I DID see the Seven Days book, but it was in Chinese. orz

These short few days with my sister and relatives were awesome. I'll up pics when I feel like it? Of all things, I've been getting inspiration to write the Cycle sequel lately, so I wouldn't count on it. XDDD 夜は祭りだから…頭の中で。実際はもう眠いから寝る。

Slowly uploading old (and some NEW old...?!?!) Digimon Savers Thought pics on my devart account as I get the time too ^^;
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