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Oooooooooooookay, so that 1000 yen auction I won came out to total $103.25 after shipping and fees .............
People who said they wanted to buy a Drive pleeeease buy them T___T;
Other than that, it's soooo nice to hold Yakumo's Drive. :)

Never thought I could max out 198 icons, but I did. I gave in and made a colored icon from a doujin. I haven't made doujin icons in forever~ I COULDN'T RESIST...


Looks really bad with my dull green layout, but eh XD

Wizzywig is selling Toei-licensed Digimon Data Squad shirts~~~ (why is the Lalamon one more expensive? O.o)
I want to get the Gaomon one, although I don't want to pay the shipping for it... xDDD;;; Maybe I can stop by the actual store sometime later this year... or maybe hopefully at Youmacon!!! I really want to go this year (or I might just save up for a possible Otakon next year since I'm pretty bummed I can't go this year with all the Digimon cosplay!!).

Working on a matsuri pic, probably for the contest in the DA club and also duo-function as a complementary piece for the Cycle sequel... which has not had much progress except that I dumped the DATS mission for a different idea~ Hoping I can finish the art piece before I leave next week! The sequel itself... errrrrr.

I have to admit, I've been playing a lot of Tales of Rebirth (PSP port) lately. The reviews are right on D8. I haven't played any of the non-handheld Tales games yet but this one's been my favorite (to play) as of yet. The things I do have to complain about this, as well as all of the Tales games I've played in general, is backtracking to old cities over and over and over and over again alllllll the time for a singleconversationeventit'sannoying AND THERE'S NO ESCAPE ROPE THINGAMER to quickly get out of long dungeons. Yeah.

Anyway, I also really like this game for having lots of Digimon seiyuu (WarGreymon, Vajramon, Chuumon, Ken, Jyou/Grani/Neemon/Kurata/toomanyDigimonroles, Sora, Rhythm, yes lots of random connections... XD There are even more). And the best moments for me so far were when Veigue Saves Claire and SHAORUNE...... cute Paku Romi with FLAMMIE ABILITIES <3 ~ omg, every good fantasy RPG requires a Flammie. <3 ~

oh yeah, and Kikuchi Masami plays a hot troll. Well, troll in the mental sense. I want to make an icon out of him with the successful troll is successful... one without a typo that makes it kind of... not successful. I mean he seriously trolled to the bitter end. Successful troll.
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