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Anime stuff summer sale~ Part 1

OLD LISTING, GO TO THE CURRENT ONE: http://splash.livejournal.com/365432.html

Please help me get these out of my hands!
Actually, I don't mind keeping most of these... but whatever :x All merchandise from Animedia, Animage and PASH are limited production. aka--Once the issue's over, they don't make any more of these things, yaw.
Last date to order (1st round): June 24, 2009 (Earlier if you want to send cash. Date is tentative, might change before or after depending on my situation). I will re-open orders for another round when I come back from Taiwan in August!
1st Round: Also known as Splash is lazy to drive to the post office for now, but she'll do it this time if you order enough. Unless your order can fit in a business letter (for a trading card or if you're willing to let me bend a small poster more...), minimum subtotal (not including shipping) for order must be at least $10. I will probably lift this restriction for the next round.

1. All prices are in US dollars. (will ship to US or wherever else I can from the post office...), not including shipping
2. Paypal (must be from your bank account, not credit or debit card) or concealed US cash only.
3. No exchange or refund
4. Contact me via my email (splash@pmsinfirm.org) or post here for any questions. Feel free to screen your posts.
5. Please remember to check my journal for updates. :)
6. I'm not reponsible for lost, damaged items during shipment.
7. Domestic shipping price examples: $0.50 for items sendable in a business letter (for a trading card or if you're willing to let me bend a small poster more...), $1.50 for items sendable in an envelope, $5 for flat-rate envelope shipping, $8 for large, long items (for a wallscroll, roll-up poster, book). Of course, the larger the quantity, the higher the shipping. Shipping outside US increases shipping price as well. If there are multiple shipping methods available for your order, I'll notify you about the different totals and you may choose from those.
8. Last but not least, serious buyers only!

Here is how this works:

1. Choose your items, then use the form below to make an order.
2. I'll contact you for the total. You must pay first for the total. Please do not back out or say you want to take this or that item out of your order.
3. I'll email you when your items are shipped. I plan to make one trip to the post office before the end of the month.

Order Form:

Item/s (included price/s):
Payment Method (also your Paypal email if using Paypal):

Just won this auction and will start taking offers on the following items (prices do not include shipping):
・Rockman EXE Stream Progress Pet + Personal NaviChip, Battle Chip 29 Pieces (used, all manuals/inserts intact)
・Onmyou Taisenki manga volume 3 (last volume) - $4
・Onmyou Taisenki Seiryuu Kiwame Drive - (no manual) Starting at $28
・Onmyou Taisenki Byakko (Rangetsu) Kiwame Drive - (no manual) Starting at $28
・Onmyou Taisenki Seiryuu Zero Drive - (with manual) Starting at $20
・Onmyou Taisenki Zero Drive (Yakumo's) - (with manual. I'm likely keeping this one so you'll have to offer high if you want to tempt me out of it. 8| ... )
・Pokemon Advance Pokedex - (Used, includes all manuals/inserts, slight wear) Starting at $10 (this is the cheapest I've seen the US version of it)
・Treasure Gaust Strapgunman
・Dinosaurs Park Dino Pet White Color
・Challenge Year 3, Calculation Perfection Master + Capture Book, 99 Battle Machine
・Challenge Year 1, Turn up and down machine (O_o?)

The earliest I can ship these out is when I come back from Taiwan in August. I'll be taking offers on stuff all the way until likely mid-August.
I'll likely be taking the non Rockman/Onmyou/Pokemon stuff with me to Taiwan as prizes for my students ._.;~ Possibly the Rockman stuff too, I dunno if anyone's interested.
I also might auction off my extras from this Digimon Data Squad lot when I come back too.
The Japanese devices do not come with batteries, they use standard 1.5V AAA batteries. The boxes have been opened already, but the Onmyou Taisenki Drives themselves still look brand new.

From Animedia

Fullmetal Alchemist pin: Roy Mustang - $3

Fullmetal Alchemist pin: Riza Hawkeye - $3

Tsubasa Chronicle movie/Sakura Wars: double-sided pencil board - $8

Gundam SEED Destiny: double-sided pencil board - $10
Shakugan no Shana: promotional board - $5

Postcards - $2 per sheet of 8

Ouran High School Host Club: Car Window Cover (I think that's what it is... xDDD I've used it as a massive poster though) - $18 (you can tell I hesitate to let go of it)

~A3 size pullouts (Info on paper sizes)
Da Capo Second Season/Erementar Gerad: double-sided pullout - $2

Ouran High School Host Club/Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: double-sided pullout - $5

Gundam SEED Destiny: pullout - $5

School Rumble Second Semester/Air Gear: double pullout - $3 (or $2 each if you want me to cut the middle :P)

Zero no Tsukaima/The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: double-sided pullout - $3

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi/Jigoku Shoujo: double-sided pullout - $3

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi/Negima: double-sided pullout - $2

A3 width, longer (Info on paper sizes)

La Corda d'Oro pullout - $2

School Rumble/Ah My Goddess TV pullout - $2

Fullmetal Alchemist movie/Full Metal Panic!! The Second Raid: double-sided pullout - $5

B2 size posters (Info on paper sizes)
Ouran High School Host Club/ Tales of Symphonia: double-sided poster - $5

Kekkaishi/Tales of Symphonia: double-sided poster - $4

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi/Tales of Symphonia: double-sided poster - $8

Kamichama Karin/Saint Beast: double-sided poster - $5

Code Geass/Angelique: double-sided poster - $5

XXXHOLiC/Negima - double-sided poster - $5

Rozen Maiden: double-sided poster - $4

Erementar Gerad/Negima: double-sided poster (used) - $4

Ouran Koukou Host Club/Tsubasa Chronicle: double-sided poster - $9

From Animage
Kyou Kara Maou playing cards - $8

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Mega poster (size B2 x2) - $7

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi/Code Geass: double-sided poster - $5

Code Geass: Mini Clear-file and schedule book (unopened) - $5

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Mini-board - $2

A3 size (Info on paper sizes)

Princess Princess/Hime-sama Goyoujin: double-sided pullout - $5

Shakugan no Shana: double-sided pullout - $4

Winter Garden/Night Head Genesis: double-sided pullout - $6

Giniro no Olynssis/Princess Princess: double-sided pullout - $6

Code Geass: double-sided pullout - $6

Okama art: pullout - $1

Giniro no Olynssis/Okama art: double-sided pullout - $3

Gundam SEED Destiny: pullouts - $2 each

BLOOD+ pullout - $2

Trinity Blood/Jigoku Shoujo: double-sided pullout - $4

He is my master/Victorian Romance Emma pullout - $2

xxxHOLiC pullout - $1

Rozen Maiden Traumend pullout - $2

Rozen Maiden pullout - $1

Rozen Maiden pullout - $1

From NewType

Gundam SEED Destiny THE EDGE: pullout - $3

Tsubasa Chronicles: pullout - $2

Shakugan no Shana: pullout - $2

Gundam SEED Destiny/Kiddy Grade 2: double-sided pullout - $6

Promotional posters (Official Taiwan-licensed)
B1 size (Info on paper sizes) (approximately 22.5 inches X 16.75 inches)
AIR - $10

Ah My Goddess TV - Skuld - $10

Ah My Goddess TV - Urd - $10

Ah My Goddess TV - Group - $10

NARUTO artbook UZUMAKI - $18

NARUTO wallscroll - $14

Konoha headband (I used it at Otakon 2004 gomen =_=~ You can see me wearing it here XDD) - $15

Pokemon MEW 2" figure by TOMY - $4

Pokemon Pearl Preorder limited edition Palkia stylus and holder - Make offers >_>;

10 Pokemon marbles in Meowth carry bag - $10

Pokemon holographic stickers... Buy the pokemon stuff and I'll throw the Mew sticker in if you want (Pikachu has been taken)

One Piece - $8 each

Hikaru no Go - $10

Uncategorized Merchandise, posters, artbooks, manga, figures
Most of this is stuff I've won from contests or hand-me-downs, lawl

Brave Story Promo mini-poster/Pokemon movie Promo mini-poster/Soukyuu no Fafner Booklet/Bleach + Black Cat pullout - $2 each
Fullmetal Alchemist/Erementar Gerad: sticker decals - $.50 each

Gundam SEED Destiny: Athrun clear mini-board - $3 (the other stuff... offer if you want xD)

Threads of Time: manga - $1 each volume
Gunslinger Girl boxset (unopened) - $22

Sentou Yousei Yukikaze: All 5 episodes (Taiwan DVDs?) and unopened soundtrack collection - $10

Mai-HiME Destiny Princess Illustrations book (full page illustrations, character data, design sketches, etc... Softcover, 112 pages, Text in Japanese. Measures 7.25" X 10.2") - $25

Shining Wind: Clalaclan figure - $3
Fullmetal Alchemist Keychain - $4
Fate/Stay Night Lancer Keychain - $2

Kakihara Tetsuya + Fukuyama Jun/Mizuki Nana: double-sided poster - $6

Calendars (Open but unused)
One Piece 2006 - $35

Gundam SEED Destiny 2005 - $40

BLACK CAT 2006 - $35

Digimon Savers Trading Collection Light Special Premiums $3 each (Card A SOLD)

I have these as more extras too. If you buy from me, just ask if you want me to throw one in! (or more if you buy more D:)

Gravitation Manga (KB Collection Publisher version. This version is no longer in print), Japanese Vol. 1-11. All pullouts intact. $100 for all 11 volumes (only selling this as a set). Paypal only.

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