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This post is a little long, gomen.


Cat pancake~ My blanket is so thick that it's kind of hard for her to get under...


When I first met Lina, I was sitting cross-legged like I usually do and she was sleeping on my thigh and knee. I think she wishes she could still fit there. TvT
I think she's getting a little fat too... I should stop giving her treats so much, even though they're tiny things. I thought it was winter fat, but she's looking even fatter yet it's shedding season. XD

♥Old news, but pics of the "RyRo reunion" viewable for regged users. I still need to get the pic we took at the zoo statue and whatever else my mom took. XD
And Also this YouTube video

♥MUST DO MORE digi_tomato PROMPTS~~~ Now that I think about it, I was doing prompts way back before middle school rofl.
Following off The Guy Times again:

I'm pretty sure both of these came off the same concept of having some kind of COMPLETELY RANDOM SENTENCE and then constructing a story to follow the prompt. The second one is something I wouldn't be surprised to see in Gintama. XD

♥MarchHare set me up as a Power User on BoxTorrents so I'll probably be aiding quite a bit on the batch releases for ryuu_rogue.

Saddening that they don't allow multiple trackers because then the EdwardK could be useful as a backup, but I'll just have to run both torrents separately since BoxTorrents is a private tracker. Yet despite being a private tracker, it's more likely to be better seeded than our EdK torrents ^^;;;;;

♥So that Chicago trip last weekend. We had dim sum for lunch and then a massive sushi dinner... which actually WAS still at Oysy but not the downtown one. The owner let me have this massssive plate of salmon sashimi and Mom said I should tell them not to order as much next time... which I don't see the point in, since we finished all the sashimi and I was perfectly content with how much salmon I had by the end XDDD I are salmon sashimi monsterrrr.
Well, during the actual dinner itself I was a little preoccupied with playing Pokemon with the owner's kid... XDDDD
We had a freestyle battle at first, but I forgot he didn't have that many Pokemon at level 100 so I beat him too easily, poor guy >_>;;
And then we had a 6-vs-6 level 50-60 doubles battle, which I scrounged up a bunch of Pokemon I had never actually used in battle, including a couple pokemon with only 3 moves so I used some TM/HMs last moment xDDD
But... yeah, I beat him there too >__>; Pretty close too, he had my last two Pokemon at yellow health and they were both fire types against his water. I probably should've let him win because he's never won against me yet >_>; NEXT TIME?!
I did trade with him to help him get a Politoed... pretty amusing there too, because I traded with my Japanese game, and when he got it back he was all "nooooooooo his name's in Japanese~~~~" I asked him why he didn't like it in Japanese and he just said it looked stupid XD; Meh, kids. But after a while, he finally found the nickname changer to change the nick, since the Pokemon was originally his, to his luck.
And then we made a couple poffins (including a foul one... he spilled too many times) and did a Pokemon contest together... which he got last place in since he didn't feed enough poffins... poor guy XD;
The next morning, I asked what he was doing and he was trying to fish for a lvl 100 Magikarp. omg. XD The kid cracks me up but I feel sorry for him somehow, haha. He's got a good appreciation for music at least... plays both piano and violin like me and practices properly, etc.

Starry☆Sky~in Summer~ Opening video~ JunJun, Hoshi and Kamiyan~ XD I haven't played the other Starry☆Sky games, but I very much look forward to this one for the cast. XD

I'll make a Sales post next? XD Again, most of the posters are double-sided, and I gotta organize most of it still (some of the old 2006 sale stuff is still available, especially calendars). And I'll need to set a minimum order price this time... or something :X
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