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[talk] June plans and OTHER STUFF

Hmm it's been a while. D: onkei_kun and hanjie visited a couple weeks back and I MISS THEM DEARLY~~~~~
It was a big fat happy reunion of sorts and coincidentally a kind of ryuu_rogue gathering. XDDD ryuu_rogue needs a new layout with s2 so that I can put up a side of links and have a bettar collage image, but I'm too lazy to make it. D:


Plans for June:

♥Going to Chicago THIS WEEKEND with the parents. Currently planning to meet seraphimon_0000 somehow, but it's hard to plan stuff out since I have to go along with the parents. Other Chicago friends invited to join? Like I said I dunno how things are going to work though. @_@; Looks like we're eating dim sum in Chinatown for Saturday lunch and then there's some outdoor performance concert at night, where we'll be bringing sushi from Oysy's owner with us. I don't even know what kind of performance... XD And then we head back sometime on Sunday. I don't know my work schedule next week, but I hope they don't put me up for Monday morning.
♥ToMaTo art/fic/ stuffs... MAYBE EVEN START THAT AMV? :D I was doing some wacky brainstorming on it during my bakery work, rofl. It was quite an experience, being in the high tomato mood in the middle of dripping icing on cinnamon rolls.
♥Fansubbing stuffs :D
♥Commission stuffs :D
♥Gaming stuffs :D
♥Suffer a few more weekends at the bakery dept
♥Pack for a month in the Land of Oblivion AIDsummer in Taiwan for all of July

From tategamiwolf:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on ...

1. What's your favorite color?
2. What do you like best about Onmyou Taisenki?
3. Besides stuff like Digimon/Onmyou, whats your favorite anime/manga?
4. What about a favorite book?
5. ...My brain's ran out. Pick your own question here <3

Gaia Aquariums have this new bottle-sending feature where you send out questions to get answered, so you'll probably be victimized with similar questions if you want me to give you questions. XD

1. My favorite color is probably still red. I like black on a lot of things though.
2. YAKUMO'S SHAMELESS HOTNESS?!?!?!?! Also character development in general. A lot of Sunrise's other hobby shows have characters with like no personality or background at all, it's pretty shallow. >__>; But these guys have so much depth, and the story has such smooth progression... I just love everything about it and now that I can actually UNDERSTAND it compared to when I first watched it, it's even better. XDDDDD It also has slight staff connections to Digimon Savers/Gintama, which I have not found out until quite recently. BONUS.
3. In terms of manga, di[e]ce has my utter hotness longing of lustful things.......what am saying. Yeah, it's hot. Anime... well, Gintama? XD Besides silly things like that and small things like Chi's Sweet Home, there aren't as many shows I'm desperate to see as much of lately. Hm... I'm looking forward to the new Shakugan no Shana season? XD~
4. My piano books~ Beethoven Sonatas is what I answered for a umich application essay ._.;
5. Too lazy to "pick" a question, it helps if someone asks it... xDDD I ramble about enough stuff on my own, so the point is that you get the chance to guide my ramblings, oi!

[nintendo ds gaming]
Well, the DS went several months without any decent releases, and then Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Gyakuten Kenji both came out around the same time. I started playing both and honestly SO MUCH MORE INTERESTED IN GYAKUTEN KENJI. EDGEWORTH~~~~~~~ I'll probably get back to KH eventually, but is there something to the gameplay that's supposed to set it apart from other action RPGs, because I'm not seeing it. Aside from good 3-d graphics, which is not that great on the DS in the first place. XDDDDD I miss the innovation of TWEWY, Squenix~
There are also these three random RPG games I plan to sample... XD katte na mane de... : Ore ga Omae wo Mamoru, Tactics Layer, Witch Tale - Minarai Majo to 7 Nin no Hime
Suzumiya Haruhi and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni also have new DS games. The Haruhi one doesn't look interesting, and the Higurashi one is the 3rd in what looks like 4 DS games which are all visual novels. But they're all over 200mb so I'm assuming they're voiced. Are these worth trying, since the anime didn't even interest me. xD I dunno, it's definitely one of those things that makes me want to kill a chicken or something because it'd be more productive than watching these people. Horror stuff does that to me. I get SOOO utterly bored and I can't concentrate on doing something NICE so "productive" thoughts end up in the more violent spectrum.

Dreamed that I was on some kind of island resort in a hugeeee dome completely surrounded by water except for the very top. The outer areas were made out of glass and you could completely see through the sea-green ocean water surrounding the dome. The resort itself was about the size of a small town.

I was there with a great big group of friends, 8 or 9 people, including onkei and then some random anime pairs of people, think ef ~tales of ...~ style. We all had our own luxurious rooms in the resort, and we were all having a great time exploring random areas of the resort together.

There was one particularly charismatic guy in our group who peaked my interest, and he and I were pretty close friends.

One day, there was a gigantic dinner party set up and my group of friends and I were invited. We weren't sure why, but of course we weren't going to refuse hahaha. We went into a ballroom filled with tons of huge round tables covered in fancy tableclothes, napkins and the works... and we got a table to ourselves. The dinner took place near the edge of the dome, so we could see the sea-green ocean outside the glass pane wall.

The host came in with a microphone, greeted us all, then sent down a projector to show us what he had recently obtained for his "collection." The video was of a... Tyrannosaurus Rex. The crowd gasped in excitement and fright.
And then the host invited us all to see the T-Rex in the display room next door. o.O; Without hesitating, everybody got up and started heading for the room except me, since I didn't feel that good about it. I lost sight of my friends in the crowd as they pushed into the display room.

After the crowd disappeared into the display room, I followed to find my friends since I was worried...
I went through the handicap accessible railway on the side of the room since no one was on it, and I made my way towards the midpoint. The T-Rex's head showed up behind a glass; his eyes were closed and he was apparently sleeping. I looked around for my friends but saw no sign of them at all.
I started getting a bad feeling as the crowd stared at the T-Rex, and then some kids started shouting out because nothing was happening with it...
The T-Rex opened his eyes and I took that as my sign to get out of there. I heard the sounds of people screaming and the glass breaking as I left =w=;

So I left the empty dinner room and started heading towards higher ground, towards the surface of the water. I knew that the building we lived in was one of the largest, tallest and could withstand a lot. I went up to our rooms and was surprised to find my friends already there. Apparently, my close friend had warned them before the dinner and had planned their escape from the start. And that close friend himself wasn't there for some reason. I was a bit frustrated that I wasn't let in on the plan, but my other friends told me there was a special reason for it...

Outside, the T-Rex was rampaging, the glass walls of the resort starting leaking, and seawater was getting in... we knew it'd only be a matter of moments before things would start collapsing completely~

There was some REALLY weird scene of parting ways with an ex-boyfriend who had broken a leg and was on crutches, and he was like "you deserve better, go with that other guy" kind of thing o.O; I dunno how that got pulled in because he wasn't with the group of friends I was staying with XD Anyway he was pretty resolved to go down with the resort because of his leg and hopefully not me...?!?! Crazy dream

And like... right when the water leaking was starting to accelerate, I stumbled upon a guy/girl pair of our friends naked under the bed covers in the girl's room. XDDD I think the rest is self-explanatory...

So yeah, the resort was falling apart~~~ But my close friend was nowhere in sight and I was worried about him. I started gathering information and found out that he was more than I knew him to be, that because of his connections, we had been given the invitation to the dinner party, and that he was out there trying to save us from something... This part was all vague and I woke up not long after :< ~ The last things I do remember were... finding out that my close friend was actually gay and he had a thing for me. XD

Apparently, it turned out to be that I was a guy in the dream too. Or maybe that was a result of my subconscious starting to drift back into the land of wake.. because what of the ex? XD That scene was grossly straight anyway >_>;
I was a guy like... Gintoki. NANDE GIN-SAN

And I'd say who the "charismatic guy" was, but people would shoot me.

The oceans come tumbling into our love~ tte imi wakanai~
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