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[talk] Playstation3, TW HanaKimi Japanese Dub

I has a Splash in my Gaia Aquarium Tank now :D
Aquarium Overseer stopped giving awesome prizes, so my income there has been reduced quite a bit :< But the Booty Grab is still bringing in a good ~10k a day.
The variety in my tank right now is perfect-o~ But Lazor Fish is due to die soon, and buying another one off the market is really expensive. And when the Squid dies, I'll probably replace him with another Ninja. But I'm really going to miss the Lazor... :< ~ But in the end I'll probably just replace him with yet another Ninja ^^;

Finally tried out playing mp4 files on the PS3 with the theatre in our basement. CRAZY GOODNESS. Base Ball Bear's Stairway Generation for Gintama looks awesome on it, and HD stuff like Macross Frontier and Sengoku Basara look freaking nice. I watched samples of all the mp4 stuff I could fit on my 2gb USB stick, from Chi's Sweet Home to 07-Ghost (which looks kind of terrible because the encode sucks XD). I watched Basara 6 on it then gave the projector a rest ^^;
It's still very limited since it doesn't play anything in an mkv container, and I'm reading that Xvid can be played if it's copied to the PS3's harddrive, but this is very nice indeed.
onkei_kun, hanjie what stuff do you want to watch when you get here~~~~ I want to hear more otaku japanese stuff out of the theatre XDDD And the projector needs a rest every couple hours or else the bulb will burn out early.
The only problem I have with the home PS3 now is that it doesn't properly connect to the internet :| The SSID is all set up properly, but when it comes to actually connecting, it only comes out with DNS errors. Can't even plug in a PSP with that problem around. Might bug dad about it later.

Well, seems like a lot of my f-list is excited about the Pokemon G/S remakes, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (Silver Soul Gintama?!?!?!), but I'm actually not that excited .___.; I mean, I've been WANTING a remake for a quite a while, but not enough to clammor about it as much as I do for anything Digimon. I'll probably play them, but unless they come with something absolutely worth the money and that's not just another DS pokemon game run on the Diamond/Pearl engine, except with G/S nostalgia, not buying the milking. >_>

Taiwanese Drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (HanaKimi) - Japanese dub

Finished putting up my DVD rips on orz media shares, with both the Chinese/Japanese audio and Chinese/Japanese subs. There are hardsubs of English subs with the Chinese audio over here.
I'll also be checking out the Chinese New Year Special since I'm pretty sure that wasn't on the DVD boxsets~

Ashiya Mizuki - Mizusawa Fumie
Sano Izumi - Namikawa Daisuke
Nakatsu Shuuichi - Sakaguchi Shuuhei
Nanba Minami - Nojima Hirofumi

Noji-nii voices over this dude (Danson):

Is it too much for me to say he's like a bishified version of noji-nii in real life XDDDDDDDD SEGWAYYYYYYYY.

The extras include interviews done for the Japanese edition boxsets, and while the other main three have like 3-6 minute interviews, Danson's is 13 minutes XD; Too bad those aren't dubbed too, hahaha.

Other voice appearances:
Hino Satoshi (omg the summer molester WRYYY)
Yonaga Tsubasa (Or at least it sounds very much like him? XD)
I can't find a list of the rest or recognize anymore for now, so feel free to drop me some info if you know any. xD
I've only skimmed a few eps and I'm going to make time to watch the whole dub sometime. >w< ;;; It's been a couple years since I've seen it with the original Chinese.

But oh, this was in the other TW-Drama trailers:

Bara no Koi... Yes those are both guys. But Ella's in this one too. Just what is going on here? XD
and I'm pretty sure it was Hirakawa Daisuke voicing the longer-haired one for the trailers XD
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