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[talk] TOMATO ORZ + My first seiyuu dream o.o~

Updated New season blab and End of winter season blab. LOL random Macross Frontier marathon.

Ugh, I just realized with the 99% likely outcome of me going to Taiwan for July, I won't have time to finish the piece I had in mind for Digimon 10th anniversary... .......... T______T I'll have to slim it down a bit. And I'll probably have to be a day or two late at the least since I'd either be in the plane ride back or in some other Taiwan limbo.

死にます. *dead*

I missed a page in An Act of Circumstance (first one). Lol why it took this long to notice, I do not know. T___T
Instead of rebuying the whole book, I suggest just printing off one page XDDD;;; Kind of tacky, but it's better than no fix... ^^; I'm putting up the full 300dpi size page for print: Page 57.

Haw, you can even see the green scan line my scanner makes sometimes x_X;

I'll probably end up rebuying the revision anyway for the sake of completion, after I set up something else to publish on it so I can save on shipping. orz

Anyway, as I went to fix it, I found a way in which Adobe CS4 is fail. From here where they said "We felt that you'd get a better experience from Bridge, where you can see multiple images, lay them out in whatever order you'd like, preview the output, etc. It therefore wasn't worth investing additional resources in porting PDF Presentation to 64-bit and making other architectural changes that are now underway. --J."

With that Bridge feature, I notice that there's some extra border no matter how much I fiddle with the options so that the pages go all the way to the edge. Overall, I'm just fishy with the lack of freedom with it >_>

Guh, Adobe is supposed to be a big pioneer for professional industries, so why did they take such a backwards step to make such a great feature only usable for n00bs?

Looks like I'm going to have to install CS3 on this thing too. :| I temporarily used my old laptop to reconstruct the PDF for AoC.

TOMATO IDEA BLABS~~~ Tentatively, I've been brainstorming a color doujinshi that takes place after the end of the series in the Digital World. If I'm going to use color, it's gotta be in the DIGITAL WORLD~ after all. And after-series stories are always fun XD~~~~~~~. Ohoho.

That all after I write up the Cycle sequel, which will probably be a rather long piece on its own even if it's a one-shot. =w=;~~ Although lately my writing brain has been laboring on some essays I need to do for applications. ORZ I want more time.

38 hours scheduled this week at work isn't helping waaah >___>

When I switched to the new laptop, I set up Trillian instead of MSN live messenger because the new MSN is bloated with even more resource-hogging crap I'll never use.

I had a dream that I had Skype implemented into Trillian (it can be done on Pro but I'm not using that atm... hmm I should though :O!). I had some option set to auto-accept calls. After I had come back to the computer after leaving it alone for a while, I heard... of all people, JunJun's voice coming out of Skype. He had apparently left me a few messages I hadn't seen yet and had been on the line with me for a few minutes, then gone quiet waiting for my response. But as I came back to the computer, he was speaking again, asking me some kind of favor and speaking in profuse keigo LOL. Don't remember the exact details of the favor, just that he was saying a lot of variation of "yoroshikereba, sou itadakeru to saiwai de gozaimasu" or SOMETHING owo;;; I couldn't really tell if he was just being playful or if he was really that "desperate". I wanted to laugh in the dream too but at the same time was going "OMGGG it's him?!" XDDD

So I hurriedly replied on the keyboard (guess I didn't have a mic in the dream) with "wwwwww JunJun!!!!" even before I started going through his question which he also typed out in the chat (without the keigo XD). After that, he responded vocally and positively (without the keigo XD). And then I was invited into a skype conference, in which Kamiyan was there too. owo;;;; But I woke up not long afterwards. Nuuuuuu! >___>; Okay, wut.

Yes it really is my first seiyuu dream... at least the first I remember. XDDD? I remember it so vividly too...
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