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[talk] Why are these fandoms so endlessly entertaining ♥

Lol, it took LiveJournal 5 months to fix a tiny issue with editing my profile that should've taken like a few minutes to do, but at least they got to it. :P Thanks guys.

Finally caved in and made splash_icons
Don't you love the original name?!?!?! I'll dump all my older icons on there as well when I get the time.

I love it when Lina sits like this >w< ~

And I got this box of $200 worth of Digimon Data Squad stuff for $25. As in, one of the Burst Digivices alone should've cost more than that. Amazing seller. owo~
I'm thinking of letting go of the extras (Masaru's Burst Digivice, Falcomon and the two Gaomons) through some kind of Savers related contest :D Something that a lot of different people can participate in because the fandom's so f'ing small. I have vague ideas, but I haven't figured out anything solid yet.

These toys are funny... XD Agumon's head looks pretty amusing on Peckmon too.

From repeats:

01. Ryouta (Messiah)
02. Tohma H. Norstein (Digimon Savers)
03. Tachibana Riku (Onmyou Taisenki)
04. Renamon (Digimon Tamers)
05. Yoshikawa Yakumo (Onmyou Taisenki)
06. Daimon Masaru (Digimon Savers)
07. Zoro (One Piece)
08. Shimura Shinpachi (Gintama)
09. Yaiba (Blazer Drive)
10. Asato (Lamento)

nanka yabasou

If 3 (Riku), 8 (Shinpachi), and 9 (Yaiba) had a barbecue, would it be a disaster? Which of them is most likely to set the burgers on fire?
and the other two wouldn't be doing anything helpful while it occurs XD like Shinpachi would be spouting nonsense while Yaiba would say a cool "I can fly!!" and magically disappear from the danger.

Who is more likely to bang 6 (Masaru), 4 (Renamon) or 7 (Zoro)?
o__________________________O;;;;;;;; Okay this is scary and not happening. Unless I mix things up in my brain enough and it'd kind of be like Gaomon (Zoro) x Masaru. But I'd be more interested in seeing Renamon. *RUNS*

What is 5's (Yakumo) favorite movie?
Nooo idea. Probably one about Toujinshi if it were to exist :D

Do 3 (Riku) & 6 (Masaru) know each other? Would they want to?
They do not know each other. They wouldn't mix well because Masaru would be all "FIGHT ME" and since Riku's such a pacifist he'd be all "But why?" and he'd probably whimper until Masaru got bored with him 8|

Why do you like 9 (Yaiba)?
Because he's a character who tries to be totally cool while spouting Engrish with stupid taste (ala the first question).

Why don't you like 1 (Ryouta)?
waaaaa BUT I WANT TO CUDDLE HIM ALL DAY LONG... :< ~ Okay really, sometimes he really is TOO childish. Particularly that bit about the cigarettes in that one drama CD >_>; Then again I'm happy it made him gag LOL.

What would it take for 1 (Ryouta) and 10 (Asato) to do it? What would their foreplay be like?
...hoshit. They'd probably have to be sex-drugged, but they'd just thump in different positions all night long, Asato dominant o__o; I mean... orz they both come from hardcore BL games, after all.

5 (Yakumo) and 2 (Tohma) have a fight. Who wins? How does it go?
wow. If they're fighting with their Shikigami/Digimon, I'm sorry Tohma T__T but Yakumo and his crazy 5 pagoda-Shikigami would probably win against MirageGaogamon Burst Mode.
In terms of themselves physically... I suppose Tohma would box Yakumo awayyyy~

10 (Asato) and 7 (Zoro) end up stranded together on a tropical island. How do they react?
They probably exchange some quick words and then go their separate ways. But they can manage on their own. XD.... If conflict were to occur, they'd BATTOL. not much to it, lol.

6 (Masaru) is pregnant. Oh crap. How did it happen? Out of 8 (Shinpachi), 3 (Riku), and 1 (Ryouta), who is most likely to be the 'father'?
You know how much I want to say Ryouta. Kyaaaaaaaaaa I'm so shameless. XDDDDDDDD; But really, I can't see the other two doing it >_>

If 3 (Riku) was told that the only way to save the world was to breed with alien shark people (who aren't all that unattractive, but look at those TEETH...), would he/she do it?
He'd whine, but he so would.

2 (Tohma) and 7 (Zoro) are stuck in a room and the only way to escape is to KILL THE OTHER. Would either of them do it?
T______T; Poor Tohma. Olympic-champion beaters aren't quite on the physical level of S-Jump heroes... XDDDD

10 (Asato) and 1 (Ryouta) are running a race together! Who's gonna win?
Probably Asato because of the neko physique XD But Ryouta would make it a good race :D

3 (Riku), 4 (Renamon), and 5 (Yakumo) are on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with very little food and water. What are they doing? :O
Aww this sounds kind of cute actually. I'm sure they'd all work together fairly well and get somewhere... lalala fluffy~

What does 6 (Masaru) look for in a significant other?
The thought of "significant other" isn't initially conscious to him, but he does search for PURE MANLINESS

Does 8 (Shinpachi) have any bad habits?
His constant tsukkomi is sometimes too much... XD

Does 9 (Yaiba) like ice cream? If yes, what kind? :D

He probably wouldn't admit it, but I bet he does. Some ridiculously sweet flavor that no one else can stand.

4 (Renamon) is told that, in order to save the earth, they must either kill 2 (Tohma) or have sex with 6 (Masaru). Decision?
I think she'd just pull her heartless portion out and kill Tohma :|

5 (Yakumo) discovers 3's (Riku) secret stash of Backstreet Boys CDs. What does 3 do to try and cover it up?
XDDDD doesn't escape Yakumo's eyes~ Riku would just be a sputtering nonsense until Yakumo does him in for it iyaa~n. I dunno.

9 (Yaiba) and 10 (Asato) are stuck in an elevator -- which one freaks out first?
Yaiba would probably bust his way out the door with Mystickers and Asato would just neko-climb out. o.o~ No freak-out~

4 (Renamon), 9 (Yaiba) and 10 (Asato) walk into a bar. Which one is forced to be sober cab?
Renamon and Asato can't drive. Well, I guess they could but it'd be disastrous even if they were sober. So Yaiba. Lawl.

1 (Ryouta) and 3 (Riku) are running for president. What smear campaigns do they use against one another? Which one of them would 6 (Masaru) vote for?
Riku would be touting the oversights in Ryouta's policies, while Ryouta would... I suppose criticize Riku's lack of progressive policies.. XD Masaru would probably vote Ryouta if he even cares. 8|

If 2 (Tohma) and 5 (Yakumo) switched their places in canon, what would happen?
Whoaaa. Well hmm actually this could be a rather uneventful switch. >__> I mean, they could take each other's places without much difference XDDD Yakumo would just be a less awkward/less uptight Tohma (makes for less interesting Masaru scenes though), and Tohma's bishie factor would increase in multitudes.

7 (Zoro) and 8 (Shinpachi) are in love, but find out that they are through some weird series of events biologically siblings: do they continue the relationship?
INCOMPATIBLE RELATIONSHIP. I think that would only just stop Zoro from slicing Shinpachi's blabbering head off.


Another new anime season blab to come when I finally get through it all, as well as sorting what shows I'll actually watch on a weekly basis lawl D8
Right now, I just have to say...

Gintama 152 was the most epic thing in wrong ways EVAR, I could not stop laughing
I'd show this one initially but it is much more obviously not work-safe despite this being in the kid's timeslot in Japan. Omg, Gintama. XD
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