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[talk] BIRTHDAY BOY, End of Winter 2009 season

Art dump for celebration :D


And wallpapers XD

1280 x 800
1366 x 768
1680 x 1050

1280 x 800
1366 x 768
1680 x 1050


[anime impression]
Probably updating as I finish stuff later XD

Kuroshitsuji - ♥♥♥♥ - I am so lazy so I'm c/p what I said on another board: I loved Hino Satoshi's evil voice +w+;;; And the thing with the angel... it GROSSED me out but I knew it was going to happen as soon as I saw the two characters. XDDD Some other things about the show really surprised me, ESPECIALLY that quick scene with Sebastian doing it with the nun... rather caught me off guard xDDDD I was like "whoa, legs in the air and thrusting" Yeahhhh. Kuroshitsuji's crack is on its own level of "refined" imo xDDDD I mean with Gintama, some of it's just plain wtfmess (but I love it), while Kuroshitsuji makes me want to do crazy extravagant things.... also in a good way XD

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a story for its general plot like this, so it was a good feeling. :D

Macross Frontier - ♥♥♥♥ - Most of the rating goes to the seiyuu goodness XDDDD; Come on, sexy (although dead-pan in this one) Hoshi, NOJI-NII... And Blazer Drive oddities with Nakamura Yuuichi lead and oyaji Konitan, and again Hoshi...

I had the huge music collection downloaded before I got back into watching this series (I stopped at the end of the 1st ep lawl), but the songs back then didn't impress me at all. After watching it, they're a lot more appealing. The songs work well in the series... Except for the stupidly cheesy Engrish in some of them.

Okay, as for the series itself, the characters/story weren't too bad. Nothing stood out to me particularly though. I love how Niku's character had the background of playing the woman in traditional plays. XD Except he's so straight in actuality, so that was meh. Hoshi's character was pretty sexy though. Except for his dead-pan-ness. So they all had some kind of cool qualities to them and then something else to make me keep my distance. And the story was predictable. ORZ.

Toradora! - ♥♥♥♥ - Well despite what onkei_kun said in warning of the drama llama-ing at the end, I still like it this much somehow XDDDD I mean, the personalities of the people in this series were always pretty explosive, so the drama's gotta match up with that, eh. XD This is the passion of HIGH SCHOOL ooooooooooh~!! Saying that, watching it made me rather miss my high school days with Katie around, those were passionate days indeed. Nostalgia.

On a more "analytical" turn, if Minorin hadn't been so Emorin and Ami girl wasn't so emo either, I wonder how the outlook would have changed. XD Compared to those two, everyone else seemed docile, even Taiga... for being Taiga that is hahaha. The sudden thing with the parents towards the end added to it all, but at least it led to hot eloping scenes WOOO. *w*;;; Yeah, in the end I just wanted the Kugimiya moe since I knew Noji-nii would remain a supporting character in the end... I have no problems admitting that. loli Kugimiya moeeeee >w>;;; I'm so happy for you Taiga and Ryuuji TvT~~


Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou - ♥♥♥♥♥ - Absoutely archiving the whole series. Am I okay to assume that BSS's softsubs are good for archiving? I think my raws are about the same size as the subs for this season anyway, and I'd like to recommend it around to homies in the future.

To finish now that they're done:
Inazuma Eleven (oh wait what this is still going?!?!?! how long is ittttt XD~~~ more noji-nii is good though so I don't mind), Soul Eater, Tales of the Abyss, Gundam 00 s2 (...or maybe I just might wait until Menclave makes a batch torrent when/if they finally finish because I won't bother downloading the raws or look for whoever else has subbed for this series).
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