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lol I feel sorry for the non-community members who stalk ryuu_rogue XDDDDD;;;
On the other hand, you guys are soooo awesome TvT


Lina does this whenever we're eating dinner and preparing meals pretty much now. And if I ever leave my seat, she'll take over. I think ever since we got those couple bags of cat treats, she's been trying to find more and more ways to get our attention and gain cute points.

I got up early in the morning to go to the bathroom, and afterwards Lina came onto the bed and started nibbling on my head OMNOMNOM =w=;~ But I like that feeling, so she just kind of attached herself to my scalp and we both fell asleep afterwards. It was all sorts of special.


Mom set the camera on manual so it came out funny... My dad has always loved it. I'd rather have it completely frozen.
Yes I can't help but laugh now because of DGS

Gotta admit... I tried Kin'iro no Corda 2... D8;;; At the end of my first game, I ended up on max scales with both Kaji and Kiriya, so I checked out both endings with the handy quick save option. Mmm Hino Satoshi~ I was kind of hoping to hear more out of him though... he didn't show up very much.
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