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Ah. I found the mouse... it was lying dead near the heater in the basement where we hang our clothes to dry in the winter... I'm pretty sure Lucy did it because when I went down there a couple days earlier to hang up clothes, she was sniffing stuff around it and staring at me, even climbing up on the water softener to meow at me. I thought she just wanted some petting because in her senile age, she meows a LOT for attention. But she's a wonderful house-protector when it comes to mice <3 ~

I kind of wanted to take a picture of it, but... I just ended up taking it out to the trash and I don't really want to dig it back out ^^;

Lina, succeed in mouse-hunting?!?! Will that day ever come... xD But yeah, because of Lucy, we've never had major mouse problems. :) We've had lone ones show up every couple years, and that's just about it. We've had huge litters of raccoons in our chimney, deer visit us on Father's day, pairs of bunnies eat at our bird-feeder, random fox sightings... I've seen 5 squirrels at once chase each other across our lawn in some odd line... w00 Michigan suburbs!!! Seriously, compared to the animal problems I've faced in other areas (*cough* insects), this is a blessing. Furry invasions ftw >w< ~

Which is WEIRD because people take walks in our neighborhood all the time, but the animals still manage to pop out whenever they happen to not be coming around.

What exactly are those fake LJ accounts friending hordes of people again? I always see baka_tenshi and shinraisei from my f-list on there too. Does it has something to do with how old our accounts are? What's the deal. xD And dayum my account is old. 2001-04-05... just a few days earlier and it would match up with Masaru's birthday!

I want to finish up Cycle and that big Savers group pic that I already finished Tohma and Gaomon for by then, that shall be the celebration :3 Also uh... I probably won't use that coloring style regularly ever again XD;;; Maybe it'd take me less time if I kept on using it and using it, but......... yeah dunno about that. I miss my sloppiness even though the point in trying that out was to make my style cleaner orz. It was good getting my feet wet in that style though.

Eeee thank you nanya_hime for telling us about that Japanese language book and the audio CD for the book that has Kamiya Hiroshi and Nakai Kazuya XD~~~~~~~~ For you Digimon people, that Kouji/Craniummon and Gaomon. XDDDDDDD Nakapan LOL, 1st CD, your girly squelch on track #17 <3 ~ Listening to it right now (moar after dinner), and it's just like... the utter concept of BL seiyuu voicing for a language book is breaking my brain XDDDD But I plan to get the textbook when it's back in stock for the fun kind of JLPT study~~~ :D
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