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[talk] *running around like a ferret*

Wow, so... Lina caught a mouse a short while ago!!!... I was so proud of her for a moment... but I should've known, haha. I was in the room when it happened, and then she ran out of the room with the mouse in her mouth, then came back into my room... But she didn't kill it so it ran off somewhere when she let go of it again in my room, possibly injured =o=;;;; Yoeeee na, Lina-kun. soshite baka. chou baka. But I still love her.
Well, if it ever dares pop out again, maybe the more dependable Lucy can get to it. She's killed a good four or so mice in her lifetime XD; This house is so hideously big that I'm not so surprised about the extra freeloaders... I just hope it doesn't go off and die in a corner of my closet since that's around where Lina found it >_>;

Anyway, it's like twice as big as the one I got harrassed by in China. XD

STRANGE DREAM I had within a 2-hour sleep period...

Paul and I were at some kind of Digimon convention. Or at least I assume it was Paul, or it could've been some other big, tall friend. ...? who o_o~ I was cosplaying as Sora and he was cosplaying as Yamato ._.;~~~ Anyway, it was the last day, I was getting kind of bored with nothing to do at the convention, but I was being really slovenly about wanting to be on time for the plane ride back, but Paul was being really pushy to get us on early, and I wasn't sure why at the time. Apparently, there was supposed to be some kind of live event for "Fantasia 2009," but I figured "what, it's just a plane ride..."

I wandered around the convention center while Paul kept edging me to head to the gate area already... but it wasn't until he finally told me that there was an actual RACE to get to the event, that the first certain amount of people to get to the gate first would be allowed in, and they were actually holding the event IN THE PLANE that I went "OMG?!?!" Of course I said it was outrageous at first to hold such a huge live event in a PLANE, but well... it's a dream, and eventually what Paul told me about the event got me so excited that I absolutely had to go to it.

He told me the race had already started and we might not get seats to the event. So I gave him one look and said "...BOLT FOR IT NAO"... and we bolted. Paul's a lot bigger than me, and obviously a lot faster, so I had trouble keeping up as we went through the long hallways, passing by other people who I now realized were also rushing their way towards the gates. I could feel myself running with everything I had inside me, yet I still couldn't keep up.

Eventually, Paul turned back and grabbed my hand, and somehow we started making such long strides together that we seemed to be defying gravity a little... and we were in perfect sync. o.O; It felt pretty darn cool though. We passed by tons of people, and when we were getting closer to the gate, there were a couple people in other Digimon character cosplay running quickly, trying to get there first. When the gate came in sight, there were a couple people in front who seemed to be referees of some sort, and then a small group of maybe 7 people, all in various Digimon cosplay, already waiting behind. A red line marked in front of them was obviously the goal line.

We raced... and at the last second, we made a HUGE EFFORT LEAP together and got ahead of everyone. For good measure, because right then, the referee called "congratulations! And you're going to be the LAST people to get into the live event!" and instantly, a line of metal security bars slammed through the red goal line, blocking out everyone else who was behind us. Wow, I thought... I didn't think we'd be the very last ones to get in.

As a result of the leap, I was with all my limbs on the ground and kind of a mess, with Paul kind of on top of me. As he moved over, some of the people who had caught up to the gate but weren't allowed in started booing us... some people insulting my cosplay and such even. XD Maybe I didn't dye my hair in the dream, lawl.

I ignored them after a while, too excited that we would be allowed into the event...

But the event itself was nothing like Paul had mentioned. XD

We were thrown into a virtual world of some sort, bright and colorful nature like that in Super Mario 64 fields, but everything looked so real at the same time, more like PS3 graphics. Or perhaps it really was a real setting, but in my mind it felt more like a PS3 rendering.

And we had all been turned into animals... Paul and I were both some kind of flying squirrel ferret badger thing. D:

I saw Paul run off in another direction before I could even say anything to him, but it seemed the objective was to collect as many coins as possible... I started off in a really high up area, surrounded by moving platforms covered in grass, much like a Mario game. And to collect coins, there were floating yellow boxes that you had to hit like in the mario games. They were numbered off, indicating how many coins they had left inside. Some had 9, some only 2 or so. From my starting point, I saw a ton of the yellow boxes below me on various moving platforms... I started going for them, but the platforms were moving so quickly, I could only manage one hit on each of the boxes as I tumbled down with the moving platforms. Still, I had a good collection of coins by the time I reached the bottom.

I explored the lands a bit... it felt like some kind of special reserve because everything was so organized in a way... The southeast end had some kind of swamp, the center had plains, there were different kinds of territories in the other directions... I went to the southeast swamp and encountered some frog-like creatures there, probably some of the other people from the convention.

The other point of the game was that since there was a limit to the coins in the floating boxes, you could steal coins from other players by beating them up... Actually, this part reminds me more of the Chocobo minigames.

So the frogs started coming after me. ESCAPE!!

I glided around when I could with my flying squirrel skin for a while... Eventually, I came across a sandy area that seemed out of bounds of the game. There, some freaky scary looking animals started coming after me, and that's when I woke up.


Yeah, some of that is due to Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! I'm stuck on what to do at Peach's castle but too lazy to figure it out or ask the trolls at gamefaqs, and then there's Shining Force Feather... XD

The best part about the Mario game are the Italian gibberish sounds though. Total win. xD

The opening of this kickass and epik Booty grab thread on Gaia got me 10k gold in booty grab today. That's just from people PLAYING MY TANK. The person did a really nice job arranging it. Wonder if I should get a Squid... XD

Cycle Chapter 9 is up. :3 digi_tomato feedbacky? >w< ~
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