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[meme] 5 subjects Round 2

To the mass who have friended me recently: Err even if I've friended you on other places, sometimes I don't know if you want to be friended back on LJ, so at least tell me if you'd like to see my f-list only posts! Thank you~

yattaaaaa JLPT 2kyuu was an easy pass even though I generally SUCK at multiple choice exams. I even did rather poorly on the listening section because there were a couple questions I simply did not even PAY ATTENTION to... my mind had been wandering around, and I ended up making complete guesses when I realized I hadn't been listening to the conversation AT ALL. 余裕過ぎ… Bad habit!! XD Won't be doing that when I try for JLPT 1kyuu. I feel kind of bad for underestimating 2kyuu since I know 1kyuu's going to be the real challenge for me.
But before JLPT 1kyuu, I need to study GMAT first >___>; Ughhh, my math is horrible. I need a math buddy~
And the thought of writing 1200 essay words in an hour on two topics they specify doesn't sound fun. I'm such a ridiculously slow writer.

And speaking of writing, Cycle chapter 9 is hopefully soon to be up @ digi_tomato and various other places finally :D The final chapter 10 might take even longer orz. It seems not many know about this, but DATS.us has a fanfiction section and I don't mind promoting it!! The DATS Library. Unlike the abomination that is FF.N, there are actually individual categories for each of the Digimon anime series (and General for all the crossovers and other series)! And there's an actual USE for the characters search! Oh my God. Someone do tell me how the heck the characters feature has any use at FF.N. I also appreciate the Top 10 features at DATS Library and such.

I dunno. I miss the huge mass of Digimon fics in the fandom for all sorts of pairings and such, but now they're full of crossovers and strange AUs, which I don't have anything against, but... where's the previous glory?!?!?! Meh, I know the answer to that anyway, but it's still +w+~

From baka_tenshi:
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
Round 2! If I've already given you 5 words, it's probably better to find someone else who's done this meme if you want another 5? XDDDD

01. digimon
Since this was mentioned in the previous post, I'm going to use this space to SQUEEEEEEE something Digimon-related :D
DAMMIT I WISH THEY MADE THESE IN BIGGER SIZES, I WOULD BUY SEVERAL. XDDD (They have 'em with Yoshino too but Masaru looks better in the other one D8).
Hell, this size is like something I could make Lina wear. Lawl.
*edit* omg, let's see if I can fit in size 8-9. PROBABLY NOT but it's worth a try, and if not I have a purty cloth wallscroll. hahah. D8

02. art
Drawing is like... my first hobby ever. If watching cartoons doesn't count >____>
I drew ridiculous amounts of animals when I was little. And my humans looked VERY SCARY. omg... I don't think anyone online knows what my humans looked like before anime influenced me. Well, I was also really little back then anyway. Is anybody curious? XDDDDD My time-capsule of a closet still has some of those works... Seriously, I was illustrating little horror stories I wrote in around 4th grade as my tribute to RL Stine's Goosebumps. Dot, dot, dot...
Come visit my home if you want to see them. D8 Special things, they are.

03. tai/matt
LOL baka_tenshi's "Why does this make sense?" indeed XD
Gwahhh I still have scatterings of printed Taito fics in my room~
I kind of wonder what was on my Taito shrine now, way back when I had my Digimon pages on Homestead, but now I don't have those pages anymore, not even on the old thing that is Got Taito?, which is... yes, still up. With no updates in ages. xD

04. website
My first website ever was on Homestead, and it was about Beanie Babies. @_@; I also had a PFMagic Catz page up. Dad set up the account for me for free, and then when they went to paid membership only, dad bought for a year, so I stayed with it. Eventually I expanded into setting up Pokemon, and then Digimon sites as the years came by.
AND THANK GOODNESS I LEFT HOMESTEAD although my account was still active for an extra year because I hadn't cancelled the auto-payments in time. Anyway, their price is a SCAM, they're for people who don't know a drip about HTML and I should've run away from them long ago.
But now I'm sharing PMS Network with petshopmistress :D! We host a few other sites for other people too and don't mind taking more people in. xD Nahahaha~

Anyway, I've discovered worlds of goodness thanks to websites, so I'm always glad to have my own websites up, even if I don't update them anymore for the sake of archiving things and hoping to help satisfy whoever craves it now and in the future.~

05. wolf's rain
Hoh~ This is one that got introduced to me by friends during high school. I have a couple volumes of the US-licensed DVDs. Greatest impact to me was Blue, the female~ And I totally had no idea who Miyano Mamoru was back then but I always thought Kiba's voice was hot even at that time.
I still listen to the OSTs quite a bit, and my favorite tracks are probably the French pieces. ^^;
I li3k wolves too. Not much for the lead girl though, whatever her name was.. Cheza. Blue was hotter.
The oddest thing is that I recognized Junpei from Digimon Frontier's seiyuu in that one episode as the skateboarder and back then I thought it was the neatest thing ever for some reason... XDDDD

From onkei_kun:
Your Hetalia Family by jewelie
Favorite Character
Country you live in
Sibling #1
Sibling #2
Best Friend

kekkou omoshiroi...
koibito de aru ka aru?
Austria, why stalk?! Not that I mind, I think... More fun to catch xDDDD~~~~
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