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[meme] 5 subjects, Hetalia

hmmmmmm after all this time, I finally found another stupid typo in AoCIII, this one in the Postscript. Hahahahaha. It's the exact same kind of typo as in the Forward too, except worse because it took out a significant word. kanshin na tokoro ni........ Oops. gomennn moushiwakearimasen xDDDDD

From gokumew2:
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
^- Well, tell me if you want the 5 subjects/things too. xD

1. Gintama - Considering the anime started at the same time as Digimon Savers and I'd been sad that Yakitate!! Japan was over (this is what replaced it), I was so-so about it at first... also because the Jump Festa OVA and ep 1-2 kind of jump in the middle of the series and skips over all the character introductions, so I really didn't know what to think of it. xD But after I got through all those character introductions, it really started to become something, and IT REALLY IS SOMETHING. JUS DEWEET JUSTAWAYYYY
2. Digimon - Total love <3 ~ This is the probably the only fandom now where I'd be willing to do TOO much fandom for. I have SO many great memories thanks to this series, all throughout high school and still continuing today. xD Particularly in high school, I remember my friends and I would swap our fics with each other ;;;; I was the one who wrote the most, but I still remember the fics my friends wrote rather clearly and I loved reading them even though some of them weren't even on couplings I was totally interested in (which was non-Taito stuff then lol)...
3. Pokemon - My main fandom before I swapped over to Digimon XD; For a certain amount of time they really overlapped and it was half-half, but Pokemon never really got the glory out of me as it once did when I was first into it. I still consider it one of my main fandoms though, I guess. There's a certain part that I think the fandom would be much better without.
4. Fukuyama Jun - Hehehehohoho. My freshmen year at university was when I first started getting familiar with him through his at-the-time current lead roles in Gankutsuou and Onmyou Taisenki. Freshmen year was also when I started fansubbing with AnimeYuki. And then ryuu_rogue surprised me with starting Onmyou Taisenki subs, and I peeked in their channel, and was surprised again to see it run by people I knew in AnimeYuki. xD So I joined, and working with Onmyou and enjoying Gankutsuou really upped my appreciation for JunJun. I kind of followed his other anime roles, but it was mostly his HUGE run of BL Dramas that really got me liking him. I liked challenging myself to catch up with his FAST freetalk mode of speech too. Yikes.
5. ONE PIECE - Another thing I got into in my freshmen year ._.;~ I'd been hearing all sorts of good things about it but I still had some vague Narutard and Bleachtard in me and didn't want to bother with another shounen series for a while... but I'm glad I did. D8 One Piece has made me BAWL in so many good ways, ways that no other s-jump series has gotten close to. I guess that's also because I had so much time to myself in freshmen year with a double by myself. I spent a few nights marathoning and would just BAWL, BAWL, BAWL in its goodness. And it's still great to hear that someone else at my university somehow got the recommendation for One Piece from me (the facebook anime club I think) and HE said he'd never cried so much either. He was in my calligraphy class. Hmm I mentioned this in some previous LJ entry, I'm sure... xD; But yeah, a man who can cry so much to this series will have my love. Hmm maybe I should've gone after that guy. *swt* XD~

From kage_ookami and onkei_kun:
Which Axis Powers Hetalia Character Are You?


A young lady under the care of Switzerland. She’s very clever.
She has a very humble and adult personality, but she will always clearly state her views.
She’s pretty high-tech.

Nation's name: Republik Osterreich (The Republic of Austria)
Capital: Vienna
Language: German
Birthday: October 26th, 476 A.D.
National flower: Edelweiss (same as Switzerland's)
Human name: Roderich Edelstein
Height: Unknown
Age: Do the math XD
-A super power with an elegance that was born of the Habsburg family and prides himself on glorious days that once were.
-Gets along poorly with France because he is always being poked and taken lightly by him.
-His personality is a bit more optimistic and quiet than Germany's, but because he is a bit stubborn, he has been left behind by the times.
-Is the type who loves art, music, and the food culture of his own country. He gives priority to his hobbies rather than to work.
-Compared to Germany, he is also more well-spoken, and it feels almost as though he was raised as a young master of some rich household.
Austria, the so-called "rich-kid" of the gang. Though wealthy and music-loving, Austria is not a snob, but rather fairly open to people and approachable. Just, don't miss his March concert.
The translation above belongs to the Hetalia LiveJournal community, which is like Candyland to me. Visit it! http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/

Hey, our birthdays almost match too~
I think I've just been having princes on the mind too much lately... DANUBEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.~
watashi no ouji-sama doko darou~
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