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[talk] Valentine's Day is Tokimeki (in my head orz)

Happy Valentine's Day...!
I don't have anything up specifically this year, but I shall copy onkei_kun (THANK YOU FOR THE V-GIFT!!!) and spam PREVIOUS VALENTINE PIC WITH TOMATO FLAVOR :D

Phoenix Wright Musical o_o~

I'm trying to get the next part of Cycle up soon ^^;;; It's a pretty important part, so I'm still struggling around with the revisions. Well, they're ALL important, but this one needed the most revision. I'm starting to get the inspiration though...

I tried a bit of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss DS when it first came out but I never really got past a few character introductions. I wasn't in the mood for it back then... but...


Yeah, I randomly went back to trying it since there's a "Plus" version coming out for the 1st game next month, and... I was in the mood to try some otome renai (date simulation) gaming ._.~ I mean, I've played a selection of BL games, but when it came to the straight stuff, the only ones I really tried were like 20-minute voiceless amateur ones from ages ago or something. And while a lot of the Neo Romance boys are hot, I never felt enough dokidoki from any of the characters to want to try their games XD

Before retrying it, I hardly knew ANYTHING about or know people who talk about the Tokimeki series even though this DS game is fully voiced, so I WENT FOR IT. RANDOM DIVE INTO THE PURE UNKNOWN WEEE. xD

ORZ I was contemplating who to go for first... I was picking according to seiyuu and personality... I was somewhere stuck in the middle among three of my schoolmates, Morita Masakazu, Suzuki Chihiro as a hetare-in-odd-ways (boke) megane, and Nakai Kazuya as a quiet, cool sports loner... I liked all three voices... BUT............


but then somehow I ended up dumping the idea of going after any of them and instead going for ...my SENSEI... Wakaouji Takafumi.



I didn't think any of the characters would really make me do the whole otome DOKIDOKI TOKIMEKI, but... sukoshi hamatta.

I wasn't really paying much attention to his voice either at the time. It was vaguely familiar, but his personality started intriguing me more than the other guys who all seemed needlessly angsty (except megane)... But Wakaouji had a cute sense of humor and kept clear control of his emotions, unlike the other guys XD And a genius on top of that. tensaiiii

When I realized I had started going on that route, when he asked me out for our first date (without actually SAYING it's a date, which just makes it all the more dokidoki), my first thought was "Jibun no SENSEI da yo. YABAI YO! YABASUGI... ARI KA YO, WATASHI NI? YABEE DOUSHIYOU MAJI YATTERU NO KA WATASHI"

As part of the game system, you have to call the other guy schoolmates to go on side-dates or else they'll start getting mad at you and interrupting at key points >_>; Craziest thing is I think Sensee's the only one who will never give out his phone number, so HE's always the one asking for dates and I end up going "hurry up and ask me out D8" all the time~ Even though that means I don't get to choose the date location, kekkou dokidoki~

At some point in the game, I FINALLY realized it was Morikawa Toshiyuki's voice, and actually for some time I couldn't even CONVINCE MYSELF it was Morimori because I'm so used to his deeper voice for renai roles. But it sunk into me eventually and I also realize I LIKE this playful voice more than his deep voice, which is really rare for me. ^^;;;;; kocchi no hou ga shitashimiyasui kara?


Eventually, he starts actually using the word "date" on certain invitations, but he's always aware that he's Sensee...

By the end, there wasn't so much of the dokidoki OMG SENSEE DA YO YABEE, although it was still there in a good way. And I was calling him Takafumi-san...

And also I'm probably closer to his age than the other students irl anyway. yaahhh... leaving that aside... D8 Yeah, it was a pretty interesting gaming experience.


But WOW this fandom is well-fan-Englishified D: As in the English fansites have tons of extensive info translated! It's more common for me to rely on Japanese wikis like this if I ever wanted to peek more into the games I play these days, but it's nice to see a nice English following on this.


But I'm still like "orz orz orz ha... He... he got me. How..."

Anyway, yeah, that's just me probably. I guess there's a first for everything.

So now I finally understand the appeal of those otome renai games since I never really felt it before. Personally, I'd rather have it happen to me by surprise like this. Yes.

Love should be full of dokidoki surprises. TwT

LOL I see you people on my f-list on tokimemogs +w+

Note to self
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