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[talk] どんな未来 みせてくれる?

Cleared my commission queue for art~

WIP~~ Big Digimon Savers group pic is going to be big :DDDD This is the one I had to scan in pieces because the sketch was too big to fit on my scanner.
Wai waii~ I gotta fix Tohma's shirt and Gaomon's left glove xD
Decided to lineart them in full so I can make Tamer/partner combo pics too. o.o~ extra funfun.

Lol petshopmistress said I'd jump back quickly and I guess I did... XD; Maybe it was just one of those time-of-the-month things. *hugs* Ahh.

Remember I mentioned that people were out there fansubbing every cut scene in Dissidia: Final Fantasy? Well, here's a REALLY good fan project that goes beyond just fansubbing the scenes... it connects them with killer ass battle scenes so you aren't missing out on that part too :D I'm pretty sure the person uses manual camera settings because I don't think things look so much like that on the default settings... If you don't have a PSP, this is like all you need to enjoy the game, like how I watched Final Fantasy XII on youtube. *SWT* They add some music from other Final Fantasy games into the cut scenes to give them more flavor, I guess.
Eeeeee, Onion Knight.

Blazer Drive DS opening... I replaced the audio with the CD track of the opening, so it's better quality XD I've been swapping messages with the encoder (who says he's only 12, lol), and it's kind of hard to get my MESSAGE through to him... like I told him 30fps would be all he needs, and he still ends up encoding in 60fps *swt* And apparently he's been improving his encoding so I've been poking him for a better one of this op XD;

Booty Grab on Gaia is addictive >w< ~ The Turtles and Hamuhamu are so cute tossing around gold~


And here (or youtube if you must >_>) you can see Lina being ridiculously ADD Lina on my lap. I took out the audio since I took it late at night and there wasn't anything interesting about it, but sometimes she'll make awesome growling noises XD

I don't care how much some people dislike Koda Kumi... XD I find this song catchy as heck. Sometimes you just gotta bust out the sassy after having to be serious and docile for so long.
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