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My best daily feed evar on LJ is definitely icanhaschzbrgr. This feed has given me so much happiness in the past few months.

No offense to anyone who posts there, but I wish there were a version of hetalia that's more informational/discussion-oriented and doesn't get flooded with 50 fanfic/art posts every day. I mean, COOL this fandom gets so much activity (and insane), but I'm only interested in the info/discussion. *swt* Asian Studies major...

More Onmyou Taisenki @ ryuu_rogue!

Gintama 142 :D Hardcore Kagura battol~~~~ The way shounen SHOULD be animated instead of stretching every good battle into 2 or 3 episodes like certain other s-jumps that are still going >_>;

LOL the new precure... Fresh Pretty Cure... Suzuken plays one of the ikemen bad bois, and the mascots are essentially Chi/Umagon and Savers Agumon... with kansaiben. HONMA CHUUNEN... Kero-chan? D8

Anyway I submitted the seiyuu for the bad guys, but not so sure if there's supposed to be a certain way to spell their names... I get the whole East, West, and South motif with the three (where's North?), but errr... ya.

From ledgem:
Your Top 5 Pokemon of all time:

1: Charizard
2: Lucario
3: Tauros (YES. lol)
4: Typhlosion
5: Mukuhawk... err... Staraptor (I still have trouble remembering Staraptor...)

Well, actually I purposely took off legendaries from this list because I have trouble putting them on the same level. I respect people who fight without legendaries unless it's a purposeful battle with legendaries, in which case it doesn't matter XD

Your Top 5 Legendary:

1: Lugia
2: Mew
3: Mewtwo (Movie 1 <3 ~~~)
4: Ho-Oh
5: Zapdos

Your Current Team, and their nicknames (if you have) on the last game you played:

None of them have nicknames afaik XD I think most of them have their Japanese names though.
Yep, still this team, haven't changed it in years.
I'm surprised at the amount of people who think Heatran is butt-ugly. XD I mean, I do have other fire types trained up, but I li3k him with the steel combo. He's like the only fire type that doesn't constantly die in one hit and isn't a legendary. Whoaa the tiers keep changing XD

Top 5 Pokemon you think are the most ugly:

1: All the Regis ._.
2: Nosepass/Probopass
3: Claydol
4: Bronzong
5: Deoxys

If you can't tell yet, I have no love for the inanimate objects/aliens. The 1st generations were mostly tolerable, but after that... >_> Although... Deoxys has tentacles. *shifts eyes* All you Deoxys lovers, I now know your secret.

Top 5 Favourite Games:

1: Red/Blue/Yellow/Green
2: TCG/2 (wish they had kept making these :(~ )
3: Pokémon Stadium/2
4: Gold/Silver
5: Pokémon Pinball/RS

This is going in with my overall gaming experience. Yeah Diamond/Pearl were cool, but the concept had gotten pretty old by then and I haven't been much for the changes since G/S XD

Out of your favourite Type, your top 5:

Flying~ Either that or Fire or Normal. xDDD

1: Charizard
2: Lugia
3: Zapdos
4: Ho-Oh
5: Staraptor

Tag 5 other Trainers
o_o; I tag YOU Pikachu

I should go back to my Pokemon game and try raising my win streak in the Battle Tower. The recent action RPGs these days bore me for some reason and even the grid strategy ones... :X I think I'm just craving the girigiri close-to-death victories that are more likely to happen with the Battle Tower and card games. Real-life grinding is a pain in the ass already. XD

BACK-ON's songs are so hit or miss... I kind of liked their Air Gear song, and their Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 song is really catchy (the first 2 and a half minutes of it at least), but the eyeshield ones bore me... :(
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