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Woo, update your mpc if you haven't since December~ I'm enjoying its png screenshot saving option.~
Gintama 141 ILU~~~ Rumbel staff is still getting the mp4 raws, so I've been putting those up on the Megaupload list. I could make torrent releases, but I've been a bit lazy to do that ^^;

LOL hetalia ep 1 audio is total chaos.
The music's credited to コーニッシュ but it sounds so much like Sakimoto Hitoshi to me o_o;

Blazer Drive OST should be here Monday~

CD Drama subs = Avisynth ImageSource voila! ._.~~~ I feel stupid now. Now to get the actual images. xD

Updated a few Gaia avatars, I'm very happy with them >w< ~ And yes, I made a BantyoLeomon (the middle one), but his avatar's nothing like it. Doesn't he look like such a typical RPG villain with some random cute mascot next to him... And I made Yakumo into a Seiryuu no Buryune lookalike :D

I was with an old time friend.. for some reason, it seemed to be Sean P. ._.; Or that type of person, cross Napoleon Dynamite... with the whole glasses and semi-afro going on. We were talking about movies, and I was saying how I enjoyed some whatever movie that had the cheerleader from Heroes in it as the main heroine. And then he mentioned how he couldn't stand her. I didn't take offense, but I was wondering why.

We watched some movie where Sean filled in last-minute for the harmony vocals in a band called TyT (...tit? but I hadn't thought down that line in the dream. I was thinking more like T&T, lawl). The atmosphere was interesting... a narrow line for the whole band in the center of the stadium, surrounded by raving crowds on both sides.

They were a mix of techno and rock. And piano, which really pleased my ears. I grew interest in the music. And my friend was filling in the harmony vocals just beautifully. The whole atmosphere was a deep, dark blue, like a rave... and it all just worked so well.

After the performance, there was a short clip of someone in the backstage... it was the cheerleader girl from Heroes, and all of a sudden, she pulled some disgusting bitch face and said "hands off, he's mine," or something to that sort. And then I understood why Sean didn't like her. XD More laughs.
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