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[random] Name Foolery


This is my full Chinese name. My last name, 洪, is pronounced hon, and I'm not even going to go into how to pronounce 仲薇 in Chinese. Writing that last character is a pain already but I squeal at having 仲.

But if I were to want to use this name for say... a Japanese resume, would they flip out if I were to put 仲薇's pronunciation as アイビ aibi (Ivy)? I know Sensei-tachi always liked to extend my name to アイービ or アイービー but I find that all mendokuseeee somehow and I just want plain and simple three character アイビ that I'm used to XDDD

Anyway, it turns out 薇 can be read as ビ bi, so that part works out naturally. But with 仲 at the beginning, you get pretty much... just... なか naka, maybe ちゅう chuu. Nakabi and Chuubi just sound wonky and that's not my name anyway.

So we got 仲 with アイ ai. First thing that comes to my mind is...
愛 (ai)... 仲は…愛?愛に変わる?wwww
仲 means relation(ship) (LOL nakama ship) and 愛 means love.

薇 means royal fern... Ivy? almost... XD It's used for the rose compounds too.


So yeah. KIMOKUNEE??!?!?!

and 洪 means flood/deluge. It's got the water radical and 共 (together). I REALLY AM A SPLASH TOO.

OH *DEAD* My head is overwhelmed with the puns today.


Hey onkei_kun RADWIMPS is on the Oricon top 100 of 2008 chart~ I was happy for them~ Aragaki Yui too xDDDD

Music got sent out for the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra alumni concert. It's for Tchaikovsky's Marche Slave. Is the whole concert going to be just a 10-minute piece? o.O;;; Still a little confused on the details but I guess I'll find out more later. But I dunno if I want to play the 1st violin part. It's all high up there and shrieky on the E-string. I mean, I do get that good ego boost when I play 1st violin because I was always on the outside row and thus among the closest to the audience and the conductor, but I haven't played in a long time and the 2nd violin is pretty much the same thing except an octave lower and less E-string murder. I mean, at least the 2nd violin part isn't horrendously boring like viola tends tend to be, hahahaha *patpats*. Considering. XD

It's a good piece though. Lots of interesting tempo changes and it's Tchaikovsky~~
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