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[crack] Gintama crack ♥♥♥


I has tomato chibis~~

OMgggggggggggggggggggggggg this Gintama/Sims2 series on nicovideo. I have not laughed this much in foreverrrrrrrrrr. The music is PERFECT WITH EVERYTHING... I went off and saved every single one of them.

It's completely better if you can read the niconico comments with them xDDD

Sims2 with Shinsengumi:
Episode 0.5: omg Danjo and Motteke...!! I love how Gin-san shows up when he starts living with them...
Episode 1: The RO bgm... xD; and Itou................ ROFL sado-Okita. and Kondo-san in the sink room...
Episode 2: The beginning... wtf are you talking about, Itou~ I love how Sakamoto makes his appearance. and... wow Takasugi. and Takasagi and Itou. WOW. XDD
Episode 3: DIGIMON BGM...!!!!!!! BENGOSHI GIN-SAN~ Kyuu-chan!! Sacchan... XD;;; Kagura is a kid! And it totally works. and Okita XDD A lot of good nostalgia in this one~
Episode 4: TvT MITSUBA... LOL she still makes things too spicyHOT indeed. ITOU...~~~~~~~
Episode 4.5: SAMURAI SOUL CHARGE OVERDRIVE... this one had me squealing too much. Over 9000 points for this creator's Digimon love!!!!!!! YES MASTER...
Episode 5: This Elizabeth...! XDDD and... LOL LOL LOL Itou. Mom always likes to remind me about how I fell asleep while eating sometimes when I was little. Itou in this ep is just hilarious. And Tama makes an appearance!
Episode 6: The RO bgm returns as they go on a... unique... adventure... XD And finally some Shinpachi~
Episode 6.5: ...THIS ITOU.............!! XD There's BLEACH hilarity at the end with Ichigo and Itou since Itou's seiyuu is also Kon in BLEACH. XD

Sims2 with Kamotarou: XDDDD The second's even better than the first because it follows up with what you've been seeing in the Sim2 with Shinsengumi... Brilliant.

There are also extras with Katsuo, Amarao and the soccer gang, and the last one with Takasugi is such a horror... XD
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