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XDDD Old news, but Yay Oka-sensei rules~

Need more Dissidia icons~

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Mandatory hot, epic opening video~ If someone can point me to a better quality rip of this, please do :D

I hear there are projects to fansub all of the cut scenes in the game (and there are hours and hours of cut scenes), and they're getting posted to youtube. It'd be like watching FFXII on youtube like I did a few years ago, except with omgbbq all the familiar FFI - FFX hotties.

And Dissidia's hot soundtrack is hot.~ (links from here)

So far, Tidus is my main, followed by Onion Knight, Zidane, Cloud and Squall... XD;; Haven't figured out where to put Butz/Bartz in there. Fast, aerial and downright annoying to fight? Yesh that's me~ A little typical, but I haven't bothered playing most of the villains besides Sephiroth (too many distance attackers), and I'm not much of a villains person anyway.

Random for laughs tier. Tidus is generic? :< wut. Although I was surprised... I played FFX in English, but I've listened to Masakazu Morita's version of him through the monologues in the OSTs and image songs for a long time. I didn't realize he was such an excessive "~ssu" speaker in conversation. It irked me for a while D: I dunno, I never thought he'd be the type. But I guess I'm kind of used to it now.

Music Station Super Live 2009
L'Arc~en~Ciel: Lol, hyde, your voice. tabako... mou yametara?
Mr. Children: It's like they were all waiting for you to steal the show with HANABI and the others <3 ~

Code Blue SP
...T w T ; Lina slept on my lap, arms stretched out the whole time I was watching this, and she was very warm past my tears.

Btw, it turned out Lina hadn't been getting messy with the kitty litter, resulting in the bath we gave her. Mom had some oldddd free lotion she had gotten from hotels in China. It smelled like kitty litter. Fortunately, she ran out of it not long after we gave Lina her bath.

Oh yeah, more Cycle at digi_tomato XD
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