Splash (splash) wrote,

[rant] LJ lah

I was actually going to leave a POSITIVE comment in the latest post at news but then I looked through around the 8th page on and instead I started dying in pointless laughter from the macro posts. You guys...!!!! xDDD (a lot of them got deleted, which is too bad but it needed to be done XDDD)
But yeah. Lol at the amount of people who think LJ's going to disappear just because they had layoffs during a time when thousands of companies are doing layoffs and cutting back anyway. That's called a recession, folks, when people lose out confidence in the economy and then stop spending, and it turns into a vicious cycle. Of course, bad management in general plays a part, but that always has room for fixing. Either you succeed... or you fold and end up selling it to someone else to give it a try. It costs tons more to pay for human labor than to keep the servers with our LJs running. As far as I know, the users are just causing the drama because they don't know better and plus they CAN. Your trolling's funny but it's not much different from whatsay menclave trolling other fansub groups. It just disappears into nothingness in the end (except those awesome macros I saved to my harddrive. :P). But for now... Awww, everyone cares about LJ so much~~~.
Anyway, those are just my two cents. I know a lot of people are scared. I just wish people would be a little more naive in the sense that most people honestly have good intentions and will WORK for it, because that would make everyone happier. And the vicious cycle could reverse. Unless we really have become that rotten of a species. But I'm tired of being the cynic.

Speaking of cycles...

Moar NaNo fic Cycle up :D You can check the posts at digi_tomato or the Tomato and Eggs website or whatever ^^;

Oh yes, and mmmm Pandora Hearts anime trailer~ I see the Busou Renkin-ness of it. Mm Xebec <3 ~
The music certainly does scream Yuki Kajiura too. Finally, a better combination than beetrain D8
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