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[talk[ Happy New Year's~

BE A GOOD ONE, 2009...! Even with the nasty "worst recession since the Great Depression," at least the turn of the decade could land me something with the census bureau until I end up getting dragged into grad school. And then commissions on the side~~ Aye, GMAT...


WIP Commission~ XD;; This is (supposedly)... Terra from the Kingdom Hearts series. His seme in this pic is... Taichi from Digimon?! No, I have no idea why. I'm not much for crack pairings (I'll gladly draw 'em for commission), but I uh... want to make another version and replace Taichi's head with a more relevant character after I finish this... XD But I hardly know anything about KH. I played the GBA game ages ago, but I breezed through most of the dialogue and not like there was much in the character development anyway. I do plan to check out the PSP and DS games, but if I ever had the chance to play PS2 games, there are a lot of other RPGs I want to play before KH. Who should I put as the seme. x_x The other thing is my impression of Terra from the images is that he isn't uke material in the first place, lol ._.

*swt* It's kind of too late to do that Christmas card post XDDD But those interested can see my arts over at DeviantArt and I got Clueless-redwolf's wonderful tomato pics up in the Gifts section @ Tomato and Eggs

There's a DS RPG based on The Wizard of Oz... RIZ-ZOAWD
The concept and the feel of the rest of the game to me does very much scream Hitoshi Sakimoto for composer, and it is him. Go figure. XD

Older momento from Summon Knight Swordcraft 2 GBA:

I think someone had these in their sig at GBAtemp, but they crack me up somehow.

Snagged a deal on Gaia, the Aquarium fish bundle for 150k, which means I just take out the fish I wanted to put in my tank and sell the rest, and if I sell things, in the end it'll be as if I spent 30k for fish worth 100k. XD And if they don't sell, that's still fine since the fish collection is a great deal anyway~ yay virtual fish~
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