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[talk] Christmas Eve

Cold house is cold. I can't even take a shower without Lina invading my private space, in other senses of the words. D8

Hmmmm Amazon Japan went off and shipped Messiah Paranoia Paradox OST and 07-ghost vol 7 off my order even though I said on the order to ship them all in one piece with the Blazer Drive OST. Well, just as long as I don't have to pay extra for shipping as they claim when you select that option and they end up sending them separately anyway. +w+ Now that I think about it, I should've gotten this order from yesasia instead for the free shipping. I didn't expect them to have the Messiah products, but they did. AND I WOULD'VE GOTTEN A FREE CAPSULE TOY XDDDDD


On a better note, I guess that OST's coming earlier. and w000000t the Blazer Drive OST has 35 tracks, includes all the BGM and the opening theme by Psychic Lover :D yattaze~
If that's all on one cd that makes like every track besides the op theme 2 minutes long though o_o; Well, I suppose it works.

Supar charging digi_tomato with fanfic goodness~~ :D
The first chapter is uh... just a chip off the icing just like most of the rest of it. Long ride is long. D8

Merry Christmas everyone~ Thankies much on the comments on the Pokemon piece TwT~
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