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[meme] Year End Review, The Happy Meme 1

Review your year by posting the first sentence or phrase of each non-meme journal entry from each month in 2009:

January: More reference goodness!
February: [Masaru~] Wondering if it'd look better with some texture overlay on the clothes.
March: Digimon Savers Tomato moodtheme v1.1
April: I'm not going to pull any April Fool's, but it was cool to see Devart's mudkips and some of the other ones.~
May: Man it makes me so ridiculously happy to do this kind of stuff XDDDDDD I missed it. iyaa~n ♥
June: 別世界へいざなってあげるよ
July: Happy 4th. 大塚愛 - プラネタリウム for your inspiration with fireworks song.
August: Odaiba Memorial~
September: [ahhhhhhh!!!!] Ah, ep 22. What does this image evoke...? XD Oh Digimon Savers~~
October: I've just gotten a notice from Lulu.com that there will be a price inflation effective October 28, 2008.
December: Holyyyy crap Fukuyama Jun you are so popularrr~

From onkei_kun
The happy meme
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

1. Getting to tell my mom today about the kid who writes his school notes with fountain pens (don't ask)
2. Lina being a retard and trying to invade my private space to sniff my food no matter what I'm trying to eat. I can't get a peaceful meal but that's okay if it's Lina. D8
3. http://community.livejournal.com/pokemon/2282568.html
4. onkei_kun and MugenSeiRyuu, you guys like wrote novels about the Digimon Savers lineart and made me nod YES YES a lot and that was happy.
5. Moar commissions for a good project :D
6. Persimmons and grapefruits.
7. PIYOMON... (actually, suggest me some other text for this icon, I want to make variations again xD)
8. Digimon birds.
9. While I'm on the subject of birds, chocobos!
10. More like just getting excited, but the overflow of scripts for me to edit these days ;; waaah I want to see the releases boom boomboom!

I'm lazy to tag.. :X DU IT~
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