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[download] Digimon Savers lineart 03

ZIP file
Individual files Savers
Individual files Adventure
Individual files Adventure 02
Individual files Tamers
Individual files Frontier

The ZIP file is ~80mb. 504 Files excluding Readme.txt
Files from Set 01 and Set 02 are included in the zip because I'm now consolidating all of the Savers lineart into the same folder, and plus I got the time to scan in a lot of the shaded versions. Folders from the other series are generally because they're for the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights bring all Digimon anime series together :D
NO DIRECT LINKING OR REUPLOADING!! Send people to this webpage instead.

●008_LalamonExpressionsb.png - Sleeping Lalamon... XD
●248_KoukiNanamiIvanHeightComparison.png - Ivan is taller than Satsuma. Nanami is a little taller than Tohma with her bootheels on. Even with heels, I find that scary. XD
●Sketch_MasaruCasualOutfit2Rough.png - I'm glad they changed out the gloves for wristbands.~
●Sketch_MasaruKouhei.png - Apparently Masaru had a previous tentative name, Kouhei.
●Sketch_Ravemon.png - Text says "He's something like this... Although there's no particular meaning behind it..." Right ;D
●Sketch_ShineGreymonProminenceMode.png - It says Prominence on there instead of Burst or Ruin, perhaps another previous tentative name.
●The expressions for the Bio humans are entertaining~

From here on, in order to fill the remaining gaps, if I can get permission, I would like to mirror files with your credit or at least swap resource links here so that the collection can get filled up for all Savers fans. I know digistardbz and Kaeri from DATS.us have some, whenever they're ready. :)

Comment if you download please! Would love to hear your opinions too~
Tags: series - digimon savers
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