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[talk] Blazer Drive DS

Holyyyy crap Fukuyama Jun you are so popularrr~

SEGA... err... blasted the game competition for the winter... Apparently their Wii visual novel game got 40/40 from Famitsu and it's going to be animated. Uwaaa, Type Moon.

And then there's Blazer Drive DS (Official site). Well, this caught me by surprise.
Holyyyy crap this DS game is huge... for a DS game. There aren't too many 2048Mbit games that really use all that space for the game flow, so this is impressing me quite a bit so far. Famitsu gave it a 34/40 which puts it pretty high up the list, which is just a shot below Subaseka and grouped with a lot of the other big Squenix titles. Compared to the Sega game World Destruction before that, it's a destructive world of difference in the gameplay though. D8 It's based off the manga by Seishi Kishimoto, NarutoKishimoto-sensei's little bro. However, Daichi's character is the lead in the manga, while Shiroh is the lead in the game. I haven't read any of the manga yet, but I probably will after playing through this :)

Shiroh - Nakamura Yuuichi
Tamaki - Saitou Chiwa
Kuroki - Miki Shinichirou
Yaiba - Hoshi Souichirou
Apple - Shimizu Ai
Shunya - Yonaga Tsubasa
Jonathan - Konishi Katsuyuki
Daichi - KENN
Misora - Marina Inoue
Tsurugi - Itou Kentarou
Karen - Hitomi Nabatame
Kouta - Morinaga Rika
Beast - Ishii Kouji
Pettan - Mochizuki Hisayo

^-- Pretty all-star cast. Hoshi/KENN Masaru/Kouki?!?! Nakamura Yuuichi and Yonaga Tsubasa oofuri pair again... XD; I haven't met Yonaga's character in the game yet though. Konitan plays Satsuma an oyajiiiiiiii and it's so fitting somehow. ;;

So the thing is... After the first hour of play, the word that keeps ringing through my head is... DATS. orz
I mean really, the protagonist joins this hidden protection organization by accident, just when things are starting to develop into tougher times, and then his rival comes, and then Satsuma Jonathan pairs them up for missions and ;;;;; lolol deja-vu. Of course it's got plenty of differences and Savers is a lot more heart-clenching and LOVE, but this is a fun turn once in a while. It's about the gaming experience here, after all.
This would totalllllllly be a hot game if it were for Savers XD~~~

Hoshi's character Alviss with smashed-in hair Yaiba comes in as your rival and he speaks Engrish at random times. Hoshi's Engrish... YAY.

RIVALRY ROAR ROAR with cute plop thing on my head. Yeah that's anime.

The music is pretty awesome. Not as gripping as Subaseka's, but it's REALLY catchy and most of it is really up-pacing. And if you check out the famitsu or official site, there are screens of other parts of the game... the graphics are so nice 83

If they're animating their Wii game, I wonder if there'd be a possibility for them to animate this one. We'll have to see. It'd certainly do better than World Destruction, although I did appreciate World Destruction since Noji-nii played Maaya's brother. Aw~ ^^;

*edits* 2nd Blaze where Kenn's character shows up, and apparently he's the REAL rival even though he's more hetare... xD;

When does Yonaga speakkkkkkkkk~ Hopefully sometime during this 4th Blaze

Thinking of getting the OST: Amazon japan | Play-Asia
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