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[talk] Masaru = Kouhei? XD

Came home to a goooooood package.~

Dang, I have SO much to scan~ Almost everything on the leftmost pile is new. Rightmost pile is stuff I already scanned. Unfortunately there are STILL some important gaps, but this is still better than I could ever have hoped for :D

I got so many new lineart pieces this time around that I'm going to re-organize them with the two previous sets I released. It'll take a while. I gotta finish NaNoWriMo first and prioritize art/tl commissions ^^;~

The smaller pile in the center is ALL sketches from early eps, mostly Masaru, Tohma and Yoshino from ep 1 and 7. I don't know how much of those I'm going to scan... unless people REALLY want all of them, I'll just pick some highlights from that stack. Masaru's expressions >w< ~

Some bits I can't resist to share right now:
♥Apparently they had another tentative name for Masaru... Kouhei?
♥I always had a hunch but I really wonder if Masaru/Tohma got a little taller throughout the series or if it's just the appearance from the character design XDDD;
♥The person I got my favorite batch from apparently did a lot with the higher level Digimon, especially Ravemon. And this cracks me up.

The other thing I got from these packages was the Messiah novels Spicy Order and Sweet Order, the one the drama CDs are based off of. There are some very nice shots inside XD~

Last bit... Nano Fic has cover sketch nao :D Click for nicer vision:
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