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[talk][meme] Quick thoughts, Shipping blabs

Wow, China blocks Livejournal, but not pics.livejournal.com xDDDD
Mediafire doesn't work here at all, even under proxy. It's working fine over in the states still, right?

TV Tokyo streaming Gintama through Crunchyroll?

There's a 10% coupon on eBay right now, and it's tempting me to get something besides a quick little $4 item. (which is actually $1 + $3 shipping so I'd only save 10 cents off the buying price if I used the coupon? No point. ._.). Of course, since I'm in China, I could've found this somewhere out there, but it's an hour drive from the house to go anywhere worth shopping and then it's a matter of actually finding the item. And might as well get it sent back home since I'm going back soon.

But waaa should I get something with the coupon? D8??? I shouldn'tttt but it's tempting.

OHOHOHOHOHO. Brain exercise to distract me from NaNoWriMo.
From maplepancakes:
Don't look at the questions until you've filled out the lists!

Six Ships I Love
1. Matthew/Guy (Fire Emblem 7)
2. Tohma/Masaru (Digimon Savers)
3. Takuto/Ryouta (Messiah)
4. Goro/Toshi (MAJOR)
5. Zoro/Luffy (One Piece)
6. Yakumo/Masaomi (Onmyou Taisenki) (OKAY I GIVE IN)

Three Ships I Liked, But Don't Anymore (as much, anyway)
7. Killua/Gon (Hunter x Hunter)
8. Athrun/Cagalli (Gundam SEED/Destiny)
9. Satoshi/Shigeru (Pokemon)

Three Ships I Don't Like
10. Masaru/Yoshino (Digimon Savers) - I'd feel sorry for Yoshinoooo
11. Takuto/Kou (Messiah)
12. Hayama/Fuuka (Kodomo no Omocha)

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don't Actually Ship
13. Phoenix/Edgeworth (Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright)
14. Zack/Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

Yeah Takuto/Ryouta is more like canon but it's still GOOD SHIPPIN'.
As for the ships I liked part, I still appreciate the pairs, I just don't have interest in them anymore >>

1.) Why do you dislike #11 (Takuto/Kou) so much?
I'm taking tabimendou's words for this. KOU THINKS RAPE IS LOVE. And my words: KIMOCHI WARUI DAKARA. The end.

2.) Who is someone you know that ships #13? (Phoenix/Edgeworth)
No one I know is particularly passionate about this although they clearly see it. XD;

3.) What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (Takuto/Ryouta)?
Lol with all the material in the drama cds, novels and the games themselves, there's not much left for me to imagine. XDDDDD I guess this is the issue with using a canon couple? 8P

4.) Which is your favorite episode for #1 (Matthew/Guy)? Try to pick just one.
Obviously this meme creator thinks all shipping comes from anime. How about favorite scene? I think it's still gotta be the recruiting moment. Memories of that moment... XD

5.) How long have you been following couple #6 (Yakumo/Masaomi)?
Um, there's something to follow? XDDDDD This is just a nasty conjecture of my mind that I lust for because I HAVEN'T seen it even in the Japanese fandom despite there being plenty of potential for it. Or perhaps my Japanese wasn't good enough back when the fandom was at its most active state 4/5 years ago to find the goodies for it. Sadness. :(

6.) What's the story with #8 (Athrun/Cagalli)? What made you stop liking them/caring?
Destiny became a pile of fanservice trash and killed any possibility of me taking Gundam seriously. The fanservice became great parody material, but then, Gintama has better parody. XD

7.) Which ship do you prefer - #2 (Tohma/Masaru) or #4 (Goro/Toshi)?
WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS... Wow, these two pairs are probably the most similar of the 6 I put down. Both in terms of how they function as pairs and the fact that their fandoms NEED MORE LIFE REGARDLESS KUHON KUHONNNN. D8 Okay I prefer 2. XD Digimon~

8.) You have the power to make one ship non existent. Choose from #10 (Masaru/Yoshino) or #12 (Hayama/Fuuka).
Hayama/Fuuka hands down. I liek Yoshino, just not in that pairing. Fuuka kind of doesn't matter. XD

9.) What interests you about #14 (Zack/Cloud)?
Just kind of the classic raunchy senpai/kouhai relationship with final fantasy taste, I suppose. o.O; Oh, and the potential for comfort moments I felt after playing Crisis Core. Mmmm.

10.) When did you stop liking #7 (Killua/Gon)?
Mm, I still like it though? :( It's just I haven't caught up with the manga ever since it started getting into hugeHUGE hiatus and I don't intend to go back until it starts rolling for certain, if it ever does.

11.) Did your waning interest in #9 (Satoshi/Shigeru) kill your interest in the show?
XD I picked the show back up because of the pairing, then ended up keeping it for seiyuu and cute animal reasons. orz But after realizing Pokemon is just an endless palooza of character introductions and guest appearances and Satoshi's ever-growing male harem, I gave up trying to OTP with him.

12.) What's a song that reminds you of #5 (Zoro/Luffy)?
I'm bad at these. I'll be lame and use a song from the series itself. :P "RESPECT!"

13.) Which of these ships do you love the most?
Tomato? :D I still have serious big crushes on the rest of the list though. Although I haven't had time to read any of those Zoro/Luffy fics lately because it's the one I'm crushing on the least ^^; Which is SAD because it seems to be the only pairing on my list that has activity lately. WTF am I that maso.

14.) Which do you dislike the most?
That's so difficult........... Takuto/Kou is easiest to say because the concept is just GROSSSSSSening, but Masaru/Yoshino really does make me go ._.;;;;

15.) If you could have any of these two pairings double date, who would it be? (even better if they're from different shows)
Tohma/Masaru and Takuto/Ryouta. My brain just splits in two at the thought of the two Noji-nii personalities interacting with each other.

16.) Have #2 (Tohma/Masaru) kissed yet? Elaborate if you'd like.
NOOOO :( But they tumble down rocky hills in each other's arms. :(

17.) Did #4 (Goro/Toshi) have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?
They have girls who are after them, but the one for Goro knows that he'll be baseball obsessed forever and the other one has been out of the picture for a long time thankgoodness. D8 But ugh. If they don't break out into "jump far ahead in time!" marriages and kids if it ever ends, I'll be happy.

18.) What would make you start shipping #13 (Phoenix/Edgeworth)?
A good mass of rec'd fics and doujinshi and enough time to go through them.

19.) If only one could happen, which would you prefer - #2 (Tohma/Masaru) or #6 (Yakumo/Masaomi)?
Definitely Tohma/Masaru. Yakumo/Masaomi is totally just an ultimate kink of sorts.

20.) You have the power to decide the fate of #10 (Masaru/Yoshino). What happens to them?
That's too easy. Why do you ask. D8
Yoshino can keep her l33t single powar, or personally I found her cute with Neon. Or older Ikuto for the kink. Mmm. 8)
Okay time to run away
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