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[talk] NaNoWriMo starts~, Gaia zOMG MMO

NANOWRIMO HAS BEGUNETH. I will be very sad if I'm the only one who writes tomato T___T; I'd rather read it~~~
I haven't done serious fic-writing since high school, unless you want to count the Onmyou Taisenki and One Piece bits I never published.

I feel infectious :D

Why must you guys keep me up so late at night even in China <3

I'm putting all new anime watching on hold for NaNoWriMo except for Gintama and Junjou Romantica 2 and possibly Inazuma Eleven for my Noji-nii fix. Or I'd just end up rewatching bits of Savers or Messiah again for the inspiration xDDDD GOING GOING CHUG CHUG! NOVEMBER'S GOING TO BE BUSY~

I'm liking my avatar collection right now... xD; Well, at least for the females.

I made Yakumo a kitsune (sugoi na, gem2niki~) until I figure out some way to make him Yakumo-sexy worthy. And Masaru is cursed to crossdressing until I figure something out for him too, lol.

Another plug for the DATS Digimon zOMG Clan~ Join~

I'm really enjoying the MMO, whatever tiny bit of it I can actually play because my laptop is weak and even lags with FLASH GRAPHICS + chinainternet sucks and I disconnect every 5 minutes if I can even get past loading screens. XD I'll be able to get more into it at the end of the month. There's golfing at the resort here I'm at, and then there's golfing while beating up attacking lawn gnomes and flamingos on Gaia!!!! w00t. D8
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