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[talk] zOMG Halloween~

Takuto from Messiah icon greets thee~ Halloween Ryouta is even cuter, but it's not as Halloween-y as Takuto's XD

First off, get some awesome SWITCH OVA @ ryuu_rogue~~~
onkei_kun, I just realized I forgot to credit you for the raw provision orz
I'll add it to the mkv version and avi v2 if that's okay. T_T

BUWAAHHHH Gintama TV 130 made me cry even though I actually read the manga chapters for that mini-arc. DOGGIE... T___T;
Argh makes me wish I had been able to finish that oekaki even more T___T

Waaa, Gaia's gotten great with the MMO zOMG released. I know everyone can't play yet, but if you want to join the Digimon clan DATS that I set up for all the Digimon fans + good friends and whatnot, then we can all have a blast when times come :D I... won't be able to play much with china's unstable connection, but I'll try once in a while because it's a lot of fun and they did a nice job implementing partying elements XD

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Tags: gaia, gaming, series - gintama
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