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Although this is more about the power instead of just the internet >________> I just spent 3 hours relaxing out on an oekaki that I was REALLY liking the concept of ....then the power went out. Didn't even think of saving at any point because the inspiration hit me all at once and I wanted to finish it all in one nonstop go. Of course, the java application has no decent automatic saving options like LJ, aegisub etc. never ever ever taking my battery out of the laptop here in freaking china ever again >______________>; And while I'm at it, remind me neverevereverever to do oekaki again unless it's something like p-chatting.

I want to cry so much, it was looking soooo cute. I was so happy with it, and now I'll never get to see it the same way ever again. TOHMA.................... T________T

Just for that I'm going to go on a photoshop spree for another while >___________>; Not letting go until it looks BETTER than what it previously was. REVENGE. Fucking damn you java *crycry* REVENGE.
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