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petshopmistress and I are planning to go on the 10-year plan with our webhosting, yatta~

I've made updates to Kimi to Nara to help me as I go through translating Onmyou Taisenki DVD.

I am pumped to sub Switch OVA with onkei_kun

I got three big-fat art CG commissions, so those will be keeping me busy :3~

Ah hmm looks like I'll be getting a new Intuo3 sometime because I'm getting more involved in the R&D for the company and making designs for dog toys. The Cintiq 12WX LOOKS SO SEXY... but I think that'd be asking too much and maybe I could afford it on my own in the... far future. but ahii... excellent birthday present?! I don't think I'll have it by my birthday, but eh~ I haven't told the relatives here about it though.

The visiting companies are asking for new dog toy designs of certain types, so I've been making those. Like one of them wants a series of rubber duckies with personified occupations, like scuba-diving ducks and whatnot. Definitely a very old idea, but I'd like to make some fresher designs somehow.

My first set of designs are getting painted in their latex form. I hope they fixed up Rumbel's because the sculptor had made misplaced some of the shape a little. You can really tell his art is Chinese-influenced and stuff and it doesn't mix well with my Japanese designs >_>; Maybe the sculptor was looking more at the top left pic, which I don't like as much since the proportions of the face are kind off and that was just a practice run. The center piece is supposed to be the real one. But yeah, I hope they fixed it up. And instead of rope, the tail ended up getting to be a miniature molded part of the sculpture, except I forgot to check if the lion ruffle at the end was there >_>; I might have to make them remodel that. It's difficult trying to communicate to the sculptor in a language I absolutely suck at. orz

So the other night, we went to Royal Marina Plaza, a 5-star hotel in China, to eat at the hotel's dinner buffet with the Dutch company who was visiting us for business matters. It looks prettier at night. Their most expensive rooms are $500/night.

And of course the meal was the best since I've gotten into the country D8
THE ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SALMON SASHIMI WAS SO SOFT AND TASTEH...... I ended up getting two big plates of it (only) because I wanted to sample almost everything else at the place. The first time, the chef gave me 6 of the pieces in the pic. When I came back up he gave me 7 much thicker pieces and I was in Heavennnnn hurrrr purrrr.
Some of the outside dining area. They had barbecue out here but I didn't end up saving enough stomach for any of it.
Fruits + The 'ol Beijing 2008 display in the background with more food.
The other side of the fruit table = DESSERTS. Did much happy sampling here too. The left side is kind of unclear, but that's mango pudding, taro cake, leaf mochi, cheesecake and something else I forgot... Egg tarts in the center.
Mm I wanted to take the center piece. I probably should've since nobody else in the restaurant seemed interested in it, and had I known we'd be there until closing time... D8
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