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[talk] NaNoWriMo, Mice, Meow, More character meme

...Try my hand at Tomato fic? :D

Ugh so I've been mousehunting in my own room here for a couple days to no avail.
It hides somewhere at the top of the door sometimes.

Last night, it started getting pretty brave on me, and literally like two minutes after I turned off the lights and gotten into bed, the mouse was playing with my hair, and I would open my eyes and freak out at seeing it right in front of me. So after that, I tried hunting it for another hour, blocking up some of its hiding escape routes. Even then, I only got one opportunity to really almost catch it, and now it's probably a little more cautious about wandering around so easily. It was really frantically dodging me. orz

I even gave it an opportunity to go out through the window, but either it was too dumb to figure it out or it didn't want to leave because it didn't go even though it was only a few inches away.

I'm about ready to just let it go into other places in the house just because I don't want a starved rodent carcus stuck in some unreachable part of the room, It seems to have figured out a way into the bathroom, which connects to another room, so it's probably out there somewhere, but I wish it would just let me catch it. I don't want to kill it, just set it free farrr away from the house. >_>

All this time I really wish I had my cats here, although Lucy would definitely have killed it and Lina would've just gotten scared off eventually. That's why they would make such a good mouse-hunting duo?!

And then... last night I had a REALLY odd dream about cats o.O;;;;

I dreamt that I was visiting home, and we had mysteriously gotten two new little kittens. One was all black and the other was an orange tabby. For some reason, I thought we had had another couple cats with us instead of Lucy and Lina. Instead, we had some generic old cat and then a male cat whose name I had forgotten. But the male cat was missing. I thought it was weird, but it took me a while to ask what had happened to the male cat. Dad told me it was simply gone. My memory in the dreams told me that the cat was the sweetest thing in the world to me, sleeping on my bed with me every night I was there. But whenever Dad got near, he would hiss like the scariest thing in existence. Dad even did an impression of the hissing and screaming it would do whenever he got near, which was pretty horrifying and dream-like now that I think about it ._.; Result of going through youtube videos.

After that, I decided I wanted to make a bond with the new kittens. I started on the orange tabby, who at the time was climbing around a basket of laundry. They didn't have names yet, so I didn't know what to call it, but I played around with it. When I went to pick her up she meowed VERY oddly... I was about to name her after her strange-sounding meow, because it sounded like she was saying either Meowable or Meowaboo, after Weaboo. ouch XD The odd meow was another result of going through youtube videos and hearing strangeeee cat meows. Anyway, I woke up after that ._.

Man I realllly miss cats and their unique personalities.~

The meme returns! Letters from ledgem
1. Comment on this post and ask for a letter.
2. Think of 5 (or more if you want) fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

I got T and S:
1. Katsuragi Takuto / Messiah - SPOILERS ALERT... Naturally, I like Ryouta more, but Takuto's quite a character too. The way he fully acknowledges Ryouta having everything he doesn't and treasuring Ryouta for it is just lurrrrve. For the Koh route, I can see why he'd be all sympathetic to Koh, and his willingness to give himself to him is just... wow ._. I guess I can see how a certain group of people would really go for that. Not me though. I like a little more selfish Takuto, regardless of his childhood sins. >_> Tachibana (muahaha, more T!) does um... sound quite ecstatic when he gets into it. *cough* chouuuuuu otsukaresamadeshita.
2. Hijikata Toshirou / Gintama - Yes you have transformed Nakai Kazuya into otakudom. This + Gaomon are my absolute favorite roles of his~
3. Suou Tamaki / Ouran Koukou Host Club - dorky swoooooon. xD~ I don't think I need to say much more.
4. Takemoto Yuuta / Honey & Clover - Loveeee him. I really love the way he dresses too, actually XD Even though he's in hoodies most of the time and that's my least favorite of his outfits. I mean, I like it still, but he just looks so much nicer in the black longsleeve and layers. Other than that... ride on, Takemoto.
5. Taizan / Onmyou Taisenki - 8D;;; This guy doesn't get much attention in the fandom even though he's one of the only guys who sticks around through the end of the series. I always thought he was pretty cool, and even cooler when Onishiba's out. I do remember one fansite about him, OTP with Onishiba, naturally. xD My Onmyou Taisenki fic which I dunno will ever surface to internet has some Taizan/Masaomi... along with just about any other Masaomi pairing possible ;;; I swear this is still the only series I'd be able to write a fic like that for.

So many Digimon T's but I had to dodge them this time D8

1. Sano Seiichirou / The Law of Ueki - Kansaiben Hoshi :D This is one of the first roles of his I really liked. His love for onsen is random and nice.
2. Shimura Shinpachi / Gintama - I didn't think much of him at first. After his tsukkomi role grew on me and I got to see more of his general view on things, I've really started to like him :D
3. Sanji / One Piece - MELLORINEEEE~ Okay, actually I think he's just one of the most useful characters in the games. Hahahaha. He's very useful in One Piece games I've played. He seems overpowered sometimes... but that's because it's compensation for the fact that he can't fight girls. orz When rewatching the series, I found that he's actually really smart and catches a lot of unnoticed details for the crew too.
4. Shana / Shakugan no Shana - URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI! Shana will always be my real Kugimiya tsundere XD;
5. Minamoto Shou / The World Ends With You/Subarashiki Kono Sekai - SINE! COSINE! TANGENT! He really was an oddball from start to end and that's exactly why he's so awwwwwwesome.

Sigma Harmonics Original Soundtrack.
GET IT~~ especially if you've played it, and I guess even if you haven't. But you should +w+ It's so pretty~~~

Oh yes, and happy belated birthday to Gintoki~ w00t October!
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